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Professional website design along with where your website ranks in the search engines is Direct Line Development’s top priorities. Before we started designing a brand new website for Alencon, we ensured that we fully understood what their business was and goals, as well as their target market. This helped us to create a website that is clean, easy to navigate, and easy to understand. Throughout the design process, our development team worked with the company to create the best possible website. We set forth creating a professional site that used corporate blue and white shades with clear and neatly set fonts and ensured that the theme was consistent across all the pages on the site. We made sure the site would be responsive and load exactly the same no matter what device or platform it is accessed from.

Website Design that Really Works

At Direct Line Development, we strive to create responsive and creative website design. We especially make use of user-centered design and involve our clients in the entire creation process to ensure you get exactly what you have in mind, but better! By reviving Alencon’s site, we were able to bring in more traffic and business, which means the client’s bottom line and revenue increased. We ensure we communicate with clients every step of the way and put together several prototypes so that they can select the design they like best.
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Responsive Website Design is a Must

Today, people access the internet from their smartphones, tablets, notebooks or computers. We wanted to make sure that Alencon’s site would load effortlessly on any device or platform people access it from. This is why we used clean designs and linear layouts, along with easy to read fonts and images. Each page uses the same layout and theme, making the overall site extremely simple to navigate. We made sure the call to action “contact us” button was placed prominently at the bottom of the page so that users would be able to get hold of the company easily.
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Web Design Inspiration
Direct Line Development gets their web design inspiration from current and prospective clients brand, goals, and target market. We create sites that speak to your customers and get them to spend their money with you!
Responsive Design for All Users
Responsive design is imperative. We use the latest technology to ensure your website loads seamlessly, no matter what device or platform is used.
Website Design that Makes an Impact
We create several website design prototypes to choose from. Once you select the one you like, we put it through rigorous testing to ensure it is responsive and useful.
Professional Web Page Design
Talk to Direct Line Development about professional web page design that truly stands out. Alencon is just one example of a website overhaul we have done!

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