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Background for Allied Landscape Supply Search Engine Optimization Case
Search Engine Optimization

How We Boosted Organic Traffic to a Landscape Materials Company’s Site

Our goals at the beginning of the project

  • Increasing customer interest and loyalty
  • Reducing the client's advertising costs
  • Updating and filling the site with content
  • Attracting customers to 3 stores in different locations

List of SEO tasks we performed for this project

The Site’s Structure

Based on the analysis of competitors and market features in this industry, we have developed a website structure that fully covers all areas of the company's activities, taking into account the share of each type of product in the sales structure. We kept things simple so that the site is easy to navigate. 

The new site structure is an improvement on the old one and it also meets the following requirements of Google:

  • The site has a logical hierarchy
  • The internal link weight is optimally distributed across the pages of the site 
  • The nesting depth of the pages is no more than 3 for fast indexing of pages
  • The content of the site covers a larger number of user requests

The structure of the Allied Landscape Supply’s website before our SEO-promotion work.New site structure developed for Allied Landscape Supply website 

Content strategy

The next important step of this project is developing a content strategy based on the keyword research. When all processes are done right — when content strategy is combined with other important SEO steps (including link building) — keyword research helps to produce a repeatable content process that consistently earns traffic over time. The graph shows that organic traffic on the project is always growing.

Graph showing the increase of organic traffic through a year in relation with 2020-2021

How did we achieve such a result?

Analyze the target audience

First of all, we identified the target audience of the site: local landscapers, hardscapers, masons, home builders, general contractors, landscape architects, and designers (75-350K households) so that the content meets the needs of these users in terms of our offerings. Creating attractive content is about providing real product value to real people, not just sending hints to our robot friends on Google to promote the site. Our task is not to gain the interest of search engines but real buyers.

Check the demand

Secondly, our experts have determined the demand for construction and landscape materials in the client’s location. Research results have shown that the demand for garden mulch, landscape stones and other goods of Allied Landscape Supply is high, but still depends on the season.

Table with relevant keywords which match the user’s requests

Competitor analysis

We conducted a niche analysis, which showed that the client’s industry is quite competitive. Many companies have been on the market for more than 10 years and have optimized websites. Our research also showed that the main competitors of the company include large online stores.

We took all these factors into account when creating the keyword map, which is the basis of SEO success. We have implemented keywords about landscape supply, paver cleaner, and paver sealer on every page of the site to meet users’ expectations for requests in search engines and get to the TOP of SERPs. To do this, we created more than 30 pages of new content. 

The client's website now ranks for 3,608 keywords, which is 2,368 more compared to the beginning of the SEO campaign (a 190% increase!).

Graph comparing the amount of keyword used on the site’s pages in 2019 and 2022

At the TOP 10, the site ranks for 428 keywords, which is 4 times more (a 341% increase) compared to the beginning of the SEO campaign.

Graph showing the increase of organic keywords since 2019

To attract an additional audience and expand the “entry points” to the site, we created a blog and started writing interesting articles about topsoil, kennedy concrete, landscape boulders, and many other types of landscape materials. Our articles do not lose their relevance, bring stable traffic to the site, and have a high CTR.

Analysis of the page collecting information about DR, referring domains and page trafficAnalysis of the page collecting information about number of clicks, impressions, CTS and position

The growth of organic keywords affects the growth of organic traffic. Over the last 6 months, we saw a 28% increase in organic traffic compared to the previous 6 months.

Graph showing the increase of organic traffic in comparison with 2021

One of the goals of this SEO project was to increase the amount of organic traffic to the site and reduce the client's costs for paid advertising. As a result, over the past two years, 44% of traffic came from organic visitors.

pie chart showing that 44% of traffic to the site is organic

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Link Building

Link building is hard work, but our team is well versed in link building methods, has thoroughly developed methods, and regularly monitors and analyzes the site’s link profile.

Backlink Profile Increased By Over 683%

Result of referring domains increase since December 2019Result of referring pages increase since December 2019

The number of referring pages increased by 443% compared to the beginning of the SEO campaign.

Local promotion

Our team pays great attention to local search and optimization of customer accounts in social networks and listings. It’s an effective way to attract an additional source of traffic and improve behavioral factors.

screenshot of “landscape materials near me” request Google search results

The go-to tool for additional impressions in maps and search results is Google Business Profile. Below are the statistics for our project:

Graph showing how customers search for the business profile they needGraph showing where customers see your business while Google search

Thus, users interested in finding the nearest natural stone and unilock distributor often use the services of our client. You can see the activity of buyers (lead generation) on the graph below:

  • more than 5,500 requests and calls
  • more than 3,300 visits to the client's website in the last 3 months

Graph showing the number of the most common customers actions on the listing

The client received 297% more traffic in the last 3 months from local business accounts in the company's GBP compared to the previous 3 months. 

Detailed analysis of audience overview from GMB Profile which shows the increase of traffic

The results of our SEO campaign

An important task in the process of working on the project is to regularly monitor the results and compare the achievements of the SEO campaign with the indicators of competitors and search for points for further growth.

Graph with the increase of such site indexes as: domain rating, backlinks, referring domains etc.

The graph below shows that as a result of implementing measures under our SEO strategy, the growth of key indicators for the project is significantly ahead of competitors.

Analysis of indicators of main competitorsComparison of competitors' ranking in SERP

In terms of the main keywords, our client's website occupies TOP positions in Google. Thanks to our efforts, the company has become a local leader.

Table with the most used keywords of local competitors in Pennsylvania

Our Client Now Ranks High in Local Search

  • Linfield
  • Dresher
  • Fort Washington
  • Gap
  • Parkersburg
  • Result SEO in Linfield Allied Landscape Supply
  • Result SEO in Dresher Allied Landscape Supply
  • Result SEO in Fort Washington Allied Landscape Supply
  • Result SEO in Gap Allied Landscape Supply
  • Result SEO in Parkersburg Allied Landscape Supply

So, What Comes Up If You Google “Landscape Supply”? Let's See…

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