Logo creation process

Professional Photographer Anya Kay

Anya Kay a lifestyle photographer capturing memorable moments in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Anya Kay absolutely loves what she does! She knows one thing - when you love what you do, you bring happiness not only to yourself, but to everyone around you. She believes in real emotions, sincere laughs and beauty that shines from within. Every person can look great on camera - and Anya can prove it! Photography is not just about hitting that button. It’s a story, an idea, something you want to share with the world. Anya Kay is the one who can help you tell it.
Sketch Anya Kay
Natural, emotional and warm style photography Anya Kay
Style photography Anya Kay - candid, natural, emotional and warm. It can include your favorite romantic music during an engagement session or hard rock when she needs you to be dynamic and sassy. Anya Kay always gets the most realistic and honest shots. She will capture YOU and show the real you to the world.
Logo design for a photographer from Philadelphia
Direct Line Development received a request on a logo design creation. The task was to create an elegant logo for a photographer Anya Key. Following the client's’ ideas, the major principles and the trends we collected all the material and started developing the concepts. During the process we created 7 concepts. So, after the meeting we identified 3 main directions for the additional steps of the logo design process.
The first concept of the logo
This concept of the logo is made in a fashionable style Outline, with the same line thickness. Our designers used an outlined logo on different advertising items. The sign comes in different forms - from a square to a polygon. Stylized as retro label. This logo is great for stickers.
Anya Kay Logo First Image FirstAnya Kay Logo First Image SecondAnya Kay Logo First Image Third
The second concept of the logo
Photographers often use black-and-white photographs for more expressiveness. So our professional designers made the second concept minimalistic, one-colored, which says about elegance and classics, without redundant elements. A handwritten, one-color, strict and simple logo is easily perceived in any situation. Also our designers came up with several options for using the logo on different objects.
Anya Kay Logo Second Image FirstAnya Kay Logo Second Image SecondAnya Kay Logo Second Image Third
The third concept of the logo
The third concept was very interesting - handwritten, calligraphy, it is simple and not overloaded, but at the same time easily remembered. We began to work it out and checked how it would look on different media. Letters in the logo have smooth curves and a slight carelessness. The logo could easily be in harmony with any color.The client chose the concept of the logo that they wanted.
Anya Kay Logo Gif
Anya Kay Logo Third Image FirstAnya Kay Logo Third Image SecondAnya Kay Logo Third Image Third


Is allocated among the others
Uniqueness is mandatory for all logos. The company Direct Line Development developed an original, creative design the logo, which stands out among all other companies.
Creative and easy to remember
A good logo should be easy to remember and stand out! The company Direct Line Development made Anya Kay a handwritten, calligraphy logo, that is simple and not an overloaded logo.
Universal logo
The logo should look great in different environments and on different surfaces - on a website, business card, clothes, etc. Our designers have made the logo that looks great on all media.
Custom Logo
The logo ensures that Anya Kay is remembered stands out. Her logo emphasizes that a person is creative and expressive.
Anya Kay Logo

Final version

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