Babbo's Italian Grill

Responsive Design for a Delicious and Delightful Website

Babbo’s Italian Grill approach Direct Line Development to create a delectable website complete with responsive design for their Italian Restaurant. The owners are young, up and coming and focused people who understand how important it is to have a high-quality online presence. We needed to create an enticing, exciting and attractive website in order to attract new customers. We needed to ensure that the website not only looked great on desktop computers but that it loaded quickly and effectively across all mobile devices. Whether a visitor is using a laptop, tv, phone, or tablet, they would all enjoy the same amazing user experience.
Babbo's Italian Grill Prototypes

Prototyping and Modern Web Design for a Stunning Restaurant

Direct Line Development really looked forward to sinking our teeth into this client’s website. They are a modern couple with a modern restaurant, so it went without saying that they required modern web design. We began by selecting juicy and mouth-watering background pictures for the front pages of all of the screens. We then went on to streamline the flow of information on each page’s structure and created accents. Finally, we began drawing the designs. We worked with our client through all the stages of prototyping to ensure they were happy with the overall site before going live.
Babbo's Italian Grill

Responsive Design for this Mouth-watering Italian Restaurant

We understand how busy people are these days, and especially when it comes to choosing where to eat when they are on the go. So it was critical to us, that Babbo’s Italian Grill had an extremely responsive design. The clients, along with Direct Line Development are completely confident that the site will be used by patrons with both mobile devices and desktop computers. We, therefore, made the most important stage of our work, as we do with all our projects the development, and testing of each and every page. This ensures that it will fit any size screen, as well as, look attractive to the eye.
Babbo's Italian Grill on iPhone
Babbo's Italian Grill on iPad
Babbo's Italian Grill Result
Babbo's Italian Grill ScreenshotBabbo's Italian Grill ScreenshotBabbo's Italian Grill ScreenshotBabbo's Italian Grill ScreenshotBabbo's Italian Grill ScreenshotBabbo's Italian Grill ScreenshotBabbo's Italian Grill ScreenshotBabbo's Italian Grill ScreenshotBabbo's Italian Grill Screenshot


Unique Pages Web Design
Our task was to come up with eight highly-detailed pages and the most modern web design for Babbo’s Italian Grill. We, therefore, developed a design for every section of their website and prepare the design for the different types of content pages.
Responsive Design
A responsive website is critical. Once the client was happy with the prototype, we tested the site on all kinds of mobile devices during the developmental stage. We made a few changes until everyone was satisfied with the responsive design and we think it looks fantastic!
Modern Web Design
One of the important elements of this modern web design project was to incorporate online requests. Besides the detailed menu information, visitors to the site can now order catering services or book the banquet room right online.
Nice Web Design
A modern web design includes an easy to follow and good looking design. We created simple forms of information blocks along with calming colors, and enticing photos to create a great impression for visitors.
Babbo's Italian Grill
Fresh look at a classic website

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