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Ben Manis Plumbing is a local drain cleaning and plumbing company that serves Bucks county, Montgomery county and Philadelphia. The growing company approached Direct Line Development to create a clean site that would be easy on the eye, easy to navigate and that would work effortlessly across all mobile devices. The most important aspects of their website were their service offerings and general company information. We got to know more about the company and their requirements so that we could offer them the best possible site – for them, their clients and potential customers.

Prototyping – How We Begin the Website Design Process

Prototyping for website design is a vital part of what Direct Line Development does. It offers the customer a clear understanding of what web design should look like and it helps both our team and our customers to properly concentrate on all the structural elements and blocks. Our customers are able to see the design and architecture separately, as well as, adequately assess the quality of the work at each stage of the design process. We will not take the site live until everyone in the process is satisfied!
Ben Manis Plumbing PrototypeBen Manis Plumbing PrototypeBen Manis Plumbing PrototypeBen Manis Plumbing PrototypeBen Manis Plumbing PrototypeBen Manis Plumbing PrototypeBen Manis Plumbing Prototype

Before & After

Ben Manis Plumbing Old Design
Ben Manis Plumbing Design
Ben Manis Plumbing

Corporate Identity

The client has branded vans. We will be using the colors and van itself in the creation of the home page design.
Ben Manis Plumbing

Home page design

Ben Manis Plumbing Result
Parallax Background
Creates the feeling that the objects are in a state of weightlessness.
To increase brand awareness.
Unconventional Design
Emphasizes the uniquity of the business.

And other pages

Ben Manis Plumbing ScreenshotBen Manis Plumbing ScreenshotBen Manis Plumbing ScreenshotBen Manis Plumbing ScreenshotBen Manis Plumbing ScreenshotBen Manis Plumbing ScreenshotBen Manis Plumbing ScreenshotBen Manis Plumbing Screenshot

A Responsive Website is a Successful Website

Believe it or not, you don’t have to have a state-of-the-art, complicated site for it to be a responsive website on mobile phones and other applications. All you really need is an adaptive design that provides each visitor to your site the convenience of looking at the site on any device. We use all the latest techniques and technologies to ensure your website loads effortlessly on any device and browser, is easy to navigate, easy to read, and easy to access.
Ben Manis Plumbing on iPhone
Ben Manis Plumbing on iPad


8 Unique Pages
For the Ben Manis Plumbing website, Direct Line Development was tasked with creating eight unique pages. We created these ensuring each one was different in its own right but still provided easy-to-navigate information and key messaging. This is what we did for this company’s website design.
Responsive Website
Responsiveness is vital. To begin, we ensured that this site would be easy for visitors to access the site from all types of mobile devices. Furthermore, Google now ignores non-responsive websites from their higher and reputable rankings, so it is in everyone’s best interest to ensure responsive website design criteria are met.
Informative Website
This site’s purpose was to be as informative as possible. Its usefulness for users is one of the guaranteed factors for ranking highly in search engines and ensuring that Ben Manis Plumbing becomes the go-to plumbers in their operating areas. We took this into account during the website design.
Bright Website Design
We set to work creating a bright website design for this client. On a subconscious level most customers, or visitors to the site, associate an eye-catching and high-quality design with a successful and trustworthy company.
Ben Manis Plumbing

Great Result

Ben Manis Plumbing

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