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Responsive website

Modern web design for The Bergey Group

Prototyping for Begrey Group

Main page of the site for the consulting firm

Following an analysis of the client’s desires, we started developing the information architecture. Our motto was Brevity is the soul of wit, that’s why we used only 2 font types and 3 colors. These restrictions provided us with the necessary moderation and a relevant style of the consulting firm’s site. The interface came out clean, well organized and most importantly easy-to-use. It was especially paramount for us to us to locate all the information in the right way. As the result, we decided to use visually structured content and graphic accents that could help users find all the necessary information easily. There is no need to roam through a complex site structure - now visitors can find everything they are looking for on the main page. The content fits well into a laconic design of the interface. Simple structure and logical navigation makes everything clear without additional explanations. There's nothing redundant here and still you can find anything you need. Bright colors, clear lines, and two-dimensional objects are good examples of the aesthetics of flat design in detail. In our view, the website came out simple, but interesting and modern. It is user-friendly, beautiful, and without unnecessary decorations. Everything is understandable here. Each layout has been worked out to the last detail and carefully designed. We have thought of everything from large objects to the smallest elements.

Background for main page design block - Begrey Group
All page design  - Begrey Group

All page design


Modern design

We have created a modern, attractive and easy-to-use website design for The Bergey Group. Note, that Direct Line Development works with the clients throughout the design process, so that they would be satisfied with the final results.


Direct Line Development has created a simple, user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. We have thought of everything to make the visitors feel comfortable when searching the site.

Modern technology

We used HTML 5 and CSS 3 in our work. As a result, the website turned out to be very fast and modern in terms of technologies.


An easy-to-use Content Management System was installed on the site in order to edit the content or add new information.

Great result - Bergey Group Case Study

Website Development Process for a Management Consulting Group

The main challenge was to rethink the site of the consulting firm and make it modern and memorable. The concept of the site was the principle of common sense. It had to show the users the information they had come to their site for. The first stage of the site development includes prototyping. This stage allows us to build a clear and regulated structure of the site, analyze it and filter out any unnecessary elements.

We started with the main page. Once the client had approved it, we continued with the internal pages. We designed and developed 8 prototypes for each section and subsection of the website as well as the submission form.

Web design for The Bergey Group website pages

Contemporary Web Design in the Best Tradition

After the prototypes were approved by the client, they were sent to our professional designers, who started designing the site carefully. The solution for the color of the site was carefully thought out, as well as the font size and the font style. Combination of contrasting primary colors made the website design vivid and memorable. Restrictions in the color scheme created a necessary moderation and style of the consulting firm site. We suggest that you take a look at each of the pages structure.  All the pages were divided into several logical parts. Such structure allows reading information in the most convenient way and quickly understanding the interface. 

View of The Burgey Group website in desktop

Everything that users needed was placed on the main page. As a result, there is no need to roam through a complex site structure in search of necessary information. Our designers created an interesting animated heading on all the pages of The Bergey Group site . Now when you go to any page, a colorful, and neat frame appears. Every part of the site is animated and every service has its own, unique icon.Interactive map lets the users obtain the necessary information quickly, easily and is visually appealing. We can safely say that the web design is simple, yet attractive.

Moreover, we installed our own content management system on the website. The CMS included all the necessary modules, a list of which had been approved by the client.

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