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Search Engine Optimization

How Our SEO Strategy Boosted Traffic to Client’s Site

How to evaluate if your site is doing well in terms of SEO? Search engines look at various ranking factors to determine how well a site should rank. Here are just a few of them: 

  • Behavioral factors. The longer users spend on a site and the more they click through its pages, the better.
  • Keywords. Between two almost identical pages, a search engine will choose the one that has the search query on it.
  • External links. The more authoritative websites link to your own site and the more users come from there, the better.
  • Internal links. Adding links from one page of your site to other pages gives you an advantage over your competitors. 
  • Site performance. Both visitors and search engines love sites that load fast and are easy to use.

In this case study, we will discuss the improvements we implemented throughout the Bluewater Performance site to ensure nothing stops them from ranking well in Google. We took care of all these ranking factors…  and more!

Analyzing the client’s niche and major competitors is the key stage in every SEO campaign. During this stage, our team researches the local market, the industry in general, and the main competing websites in order to devise a custom marketing strategy to achieve the best results for our clients. Here’s a full list of all the SEO tasks we performed as part of our strategy.

SEO Tasks We Performed to Improve Client’s Online Visibility


Backlinks, also known as one-way links, are links that lead from another site to your site. Backlinks are crucial for getting your site to rank higher in Google search results, so it’s important to understand how many backlinks your site has and their quality. A good backlink profile can be a major contributing factor to improving your search ranking positions and conversions. 

Backlinks offer a variety of marketing and branding benefits. Here are top 6 benefits of implementing a smart link building strategy:

  • You can improve organic search ranking positions.
  • It increases referral traffic to your site.
  • It also enhances your brand perception.
  • You can build relationships with other sites.
  • Your content’s visibility gets a boost.
  • You get to promote your brand to new potential customers.

Thanks to our experience in link building, we can always find quality sites and directories with a high domain rating for placing links. Ever since we started working on the client’s SEO, Bluewater Performance's backlinking profile has increased by 136%.

graph showing increase in the number of referring domains from Jan ‘20 to Dec ‘21


There are hundreds of ranking factors, and search engines evaluate them all together. However, Google’s ranking algorithms are constantly changing. For example, some ten years ago, all you needed to win the SEO game was to use a large number of keywords on the page. These days, this technique is considered keyword stuffing and it can actually make your rankings worse. There is no guarantee that what is important today will be important in a month. Thus, the goal of SEO is not just to create a website and get it to appear on the first page of search results but to constantly adjust to known and expected ranking factors. 

If the site is being handled by experienced SEO gurus, it will be consistently profitable all the time and reach the top even for new keywords, allowing you to earn more. For example, our team got the client to rank for 5,666 organic keywords this year, which is 3,325 keywords more than last year. When a team of professionals has your back, you will always be making progress. 

graph demonstrating growth in organic keywords between Jan and Dec 2021


The growth in organic keywords is a clear indication of the positive effects of our promotion, but the number of keywords in the TOP-3 and TOP-10 is even more important. These are the searches that bring in the most leads and sales. 

  • Organic keywords in the TOP-3 increased by 159%

graph showing how much the number of organic keywords has grown throughout 2021

  • Organic keywords in the TOP-4-10 increased by 273%

graph showing how much the number of organic keywords has grown in Dec 20 to Nov 21

During our 2-year contract, the client had developed a new service: Tesla performance. We were tasked with expanding the keyword map for it, adding new pages, and writing brand new contenta to get the site to rank for relevant keywords in this niche.

Keywords and keyword phrases are search queries that users enter into the search box of Google or any other search engine. The goal of every business online is to rank as high as possible in organic search results for as many keyword phrases related to the products and services offered as possible.

Choosing relevant keywords is the basis of search engine promotion.

table with a list of keywords the client ranks for and their characteristics

The results we have achieved thanks to our SEO strategy

  • Denver, CO
  • Thornton, CO
  • Westminster, CO
  • Result SEO in Denver, CO Bluewater Performance
  • Result SEO in Thornton, CO Bluewater Performance
  • Result SEO in Westminster, CO Bluewater Performance

Ever since the beginning of our SEO campaign, our client’s website has occupied top positions in search results among competitors. The number of keywords is growing bigger from month to month, which attracts more organic traffic to the website. 

improvements in keyword positions on client’s site compared to competition

As part of our strategy, we compare the client’s website ranking for the main keywords with competing websites every month. It helps us strengthen our client’s position for high-ranking phrases and improve the position for still low-ranking phrases. Altogether, it enhances website traffic and visibility in search engines.

table showing position of different keywords on client’s site compared to competitors


Increasing organic traffic to the site is one of the main objectives of SEO. Organic traffic means visitors who come to the website from normal search results, not paid ads. The advantages of organic traffic: 

  • Stability. Organic traffic, unlike advertising, can’t just suddenly disappear;
  • Organic traffic is cheaper than advertising (you spend money on SEO but on the traffic itself);
  • It improves your brand awareness;
  • It brings people to the site who are interested in your content specifically.

We use Google Analytics to track traffic channels.

screenshot of the analysis of client’s website in Google Analytics

One of the main goals of any SEO promotion is to increase organic traffic. In the screenshot below, we compared sessions, users, and pageviews at the beginning of our contract with Bluewater Performance in January 2020 and now, one year later. As you can see, all indicators have grown by over 35%.

graphs that show how much the number of users visiting client’s site has grown


Search Console is a good tool for adjusting your strategy. The data that you can get from Search Console can help you discover new ranking opportunities, boost performance, and learn how exactly people are coming to your website. This tool is important for any business that relies on their website to generate leads through organic traffic.

The performance report you will see in Search Console shows you a number of metrics about organic traffic. Let’s define each one of these:

Clicks: This metric reflects the number of clicks from Google search that results in users visiting your site. 

Impressions: This metric shows how many times your site appears in search results, even if it doesn’t get clicks.

CTR: This metric stands for click-through-rate and is a measure of how many clicks the site has received divided by the number of impressions received.

Average Position: This means the average position of the topmost result from your site for a given keyword. Positions often fluctuate.

Each of these metrics helps us evaluate and analyze the success of our SEO campaign as well as providing data needed for further fine tuning our SEO techniques.

The screenshot below compares the results we got in the last 6 months of our campaign vs the results in the previous 6-month period. As you can see, the number of total clicks has increased by 16%. Total impressions have increased by 123%.

graph comparing organic traffic metrics during different stages of our SEO campaign


Your Google My Business profile is the single most important ranking factor for local SEO, meaning that where your business appears in results for local search queries largely depends on how strong it is. By optimizing your Google My Business profile, you make it very easy for customers to find key information about your business such as your contact number, address, safety policy, etc. 

GMB optimization is also lauded by local SEO experts. It is the most effective way to enhance visibility in the local pack.

Our advice is, make the most out of your Google My Business profile! It can truly take or break the success of your local business.

client’s GMB profile shown in Google when searching for “auto repair shop”

As you can see on the screenshot above, Bluewater Performance appears nearly at the top of search results for “auto repair shop” in Denver, CO. Creating and optimizing a profile for the client in Google My Business helped us attract additional traffic to the site with visits directly from the Google results page.

graph that shows the most common actions taken on the client’s site by visitors

map showing areas where client’s customers request directions to their business from


Google My Business offers users the ability to ask you questions and leave a review of your business which includes a star ranking, from one star (poor service) to five stars (excellent performance). The better the reviews, the better your ranking in local search results.

You need reviews not just to increase your rankings in Google but also to help move your company higher in Google Maps. And, of course, It wouldn’t hurt to ensure that your site inspires trust in your products and services. Potential customers will always trust other people’s glowing reviews more than any advertisements. 

screenshot showing a 5-star review of Bluewater Performance’s alignment work


In 2021, every website owner should seriously consider adapting their website for mobile devices. Why? In short, a site that is difficult to view on phones and tablets might cease to appear in Google at all, costing you 55-65% of customers!

pie chart showing percentage of mobile, desktop, and tablet users visiting client’s site

Optimizing the site for mobile devices is a must if you are interested in attracting a large number of visitors. Such sites have a convenient interface and functionality that was designed specifically with mobile devices in mind, with all the buttons working as intended and pages loading quickly.

screenshots showing that the client’s site is mobile-friendly and easy to index

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Thanks to our well-thought out promotion strategy, we were able to achieve excellent results for Bluewater Performance. Content optimization, expanding site structure, well-thought-out keywords, and a quality link building campaign are all essential to successful SEO specialists. These tasks are guaranteed to drive more organic traffic and, consequently, more leads to your site. The graphs and screenshots presented above speak for themselves.

Our project with Bluewater Performance is a work in progress; we continue to monitor their site and find new ways to hone our strategy to achieve new objectives and even better results. 

Do you want to be our next success story? Direct Line Development has a team of web developers, designers, and SEO specialists that have worked on thousands of web projects across the US, helping clients boost their online visibility both locally and nationwide. Our scope of work is not limited to auto repair shops. No matter what industry you work in, we can help you build a beautiful website.

Send us a message via our contact form or give us a call today and let’s get started! 

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