Responsive website

Contemporary and responsive website for the Castle Oaks Apartments

Castle Oaks Apartments are centrally located, close to public transportation, near shopping and dining and minutes away from Philadelphia. Castle Oaks has everything to make you feel at home. All the apartments have been recently renovated. They are stuffed with new energy efficient appliances and cables. In addition, every apartment is supplied with an individual parking space. Direct Line Development was tasked with creating an attractive and responsive web design for Castle Oaks Apartments. We started developing a prototype paying attention to every detail. Throughout the entire process, we worked closely with the company in order to fully understand what its goals were and what it wanted to achieve with the new website. When finishing the prototype, we had the client approve it and proceeded to the next step which was the layout design.

Two different ways

Castle Oaks Version of Design
Castle Oaks Version of Design

Responsive design for Castle Oaks Apartments created by modern technologies

These days, you cannot have a website without a responsive design. People are constantly on the move and that means they use a wide array of devices to access the internet. For the Castle Oaks Apartments website, we set out to ensure that the same level of quality is achieved across all devices and platforms. The site automatically adapts to all user's devices, from a small smartphone screen to giant screens of wall-mounted display panels. We also paid great attention to the color scheme of the landing page. Minimalism was implemented here both in structure (the website contains only one page) and in the color scheme. The combination of two shades of red and beige looks very impressive. Besides, the site was neatly divided into blocks for easy reading. Thanks to this feature, visitors can feel comfortable when viewing the site and are able to find all the information they need.
Castle Oaks on MacBook
Castle Oaks on iPhone


Responsive Website
We did our best to adapt the website to any device. It helps to keep a clear structure and visual beauty of the design concept of the landing page. It also makes users feel comfortable when visiting the site.
Modern Web Design
The modern web design for this company included bright corporate colors, contrasting headlines, large photos to demonstrate the range of work and the company’s key features.
One Landing Page
This responsive website had to serve as a compact landing page. That's why Direct Line Development was tasked with presenting information in such a way that the visitors could quickly scan and find the information they were looking for.
Modern technology
We used HTML 5 and CSS 3 when creating the site. This is why the site was very fast, responsive and modern in terms of technologies.