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How We Created a Modern Website Design for CertSimple USA

The Best Website Design Combines Classic with Modernity

Our clients always show their preferences when ordering a website - some like calm, balanced colors with minimal illustrations and animations, while others want to go for bright colors, large images, and a cheerful font. We take all this into account when developing a perfect design for you.

With CertSimple, we decided to use simple fonts and graphic elements in contrast with an eye-catching background, which allowed us to find a nice balance between an old-school design and modern style.

The client asked us to develop a dynamic and interesting site that would allow them to distinguish themselves from other companies. For this purpose, we created an unusual and bright website design with a wide functionality and well-presented information structure. Thanks to the animations and memorable style, the site definitely stands out among the competitors and allows customers to get information in a few clicks while remaining engaging and easy on the eye.

Advantages of this Website Design

Simple Structure

Well-structured content presents the information as plainly as possible.

Eye-catching Design

Bright pictures illustrate the company's activities in a fun, engaging manner. 

Smart Imagery

We created a strong link between the images on the site and the company.  

Fun Animation

Small moving pictures bring liveliness to the website.

modern website design for tax professionals

Thinking About Renovating Your Website Design?

Time does not stand still; modern business owners have to follow new trends to stay relevant. Customers are no longer interested in multi-paged classic websites with monotonous gray design. Now, preference is given to colorful, dynamic, and attractive web designs with a simple and understandable structure.

If you catch yourself thinking that it's time for a change, contact DLD, and our team of professionals will make your website sparkle with new colors. We will select the perfect design for you and take into account all your wishes. After we’re done, your new web design will make you stand out from the competition and attract new customers.

Contact Direct Line Development at our office in Philadelphia, PA, Denver, CO, or Austin, TX, or via our contact form online, and let’s change your site for the better!

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

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