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Background for Colorado Wealth Group Search Engine Optimization Case
Search Engine Optimization

Which SEO For Financial Advisor Will Bring Site Content To The TOP?

Therefore, during the discussion phase of the future project, it was important to the client that their site to:

- Give users a clear idea of the company's methods of operation,Ā 

- Emphasized individuality and expertise of the company,Ā 

- Introduce the team of experts,Ā 

- Build trust relationship with customers using web design and interface,Ā 

- Have modern functionality, which is convenient for users.

SEO Goals We Needed To Achieve:

  • Increase E-A-T factors (expertise - authority - trust);
  • Fill the site with content;
  • Improve behavioral factors;
  • Increase of organic traffic and conversion;
  • Promote site locally;

List Of SEO For Financial Planning

Let's start from the beginning: niche analysis

Niche and competitors study allows you to determine the starting point of the SEO campaign, the scale of the proposed activities and the main stages of the site promotion strategy.

We determined that the financial services niche is highly competitive, as evidenced by the high KD for the main keywords:

List of keywords to write in the siteā€™s content with main parametresĀ 

Our competitors are large authoritative financial giants with many years of experience and a wide range of services, as well as a large layer of information resources. Therefore, the content strategy includes the creation of the keyword map with medium- and low-frequency queries with a link to the location.Ā 

The next step: structure elaboration

Development of the site structure, creating a logical hierarchy allows you to minimize technical errors, systematize all information about the activities of the company, create a visual framework of the site and improve navigation. On the picture below you can compare the current and old structure of the site on this project:Ā 

The old clunky website structure before SEO professionals started working on itThe new improved website structure, created with professional SEO services

Our goal was to create 15 new pages on the site and fill them with thematic content.Ā  In addition to the texts, we placed heavy content elements: photos, videos, interactive elements, quotes, tables. All these elements allowed us to visualize the information, increase user interest and therefore improve behavioral factors.Ā 

You can see it in the picture below:

Results of detailed analysis of the audience overview since 1st September 2020.

  • Total number of pages viewed increased by 58.99% over the last 2 years compared to the previous similar period;
  • Bounce rate decrease by 20%;
  • Depth of page views on the site increased by 6.9%;
  • Total website traffic increased by 25.70% over the last 2 years of our SEO campaign.

To increase the evaluation of E-A-T ranking factors, we performed the following work:

  • We posted maximum information about the composition of the team, positions held, photos, information about the professional level of employees, links to social networks, options in connection with a particular specialist, and a brief biography.Ā 
  • We created a blog, with the company's financial specialists acting as authors of articles. That made it possible to share expert knowledge in the field of finance in the most clear way.
  • We created a FAQ block which allows potential clients to get quick answers for the most popular questions about finance.

A site is considered authoritative if it is cited, other pages refer to it, or recommend it as a reliable source of information. An indicator of the siteā€™s authority is the link profile and its quality:

  • presence in thematic directories;
  • presence of external links from verified sites;
  • mention of the resource on sites with good authority.

Team of linkbuilders developed a method for selecting the best resources to build a link profile.

The number of referring domains on the project increased by 161%, the number of referring pages increased by 69% from the beginning of the SEO campaign.

The result of the work is shown on the picture below:

A graph showing the changes in the number of referring domains since September 2020.A graph showing the changes in the number of referring pages since September 2020.

Screenshot of the site with an analysis of the number of keywords on the pageA screenshot of top rated financial companies in the local area with CWG site in 1st place.

A screenshot of the site collected the information about local financial planning companies.

Thanks to the unique SEO optimized content, the number of organic keywords increased by 151% since the beginning of the SEO campaign.Ā 

The site ranks in the top 10 of organic search for 62 keywords, outperforming its competitors:

Graph showing how organic keywords grow since September 2020.Ā Table with the analysis of competitive sites with main indicators.Ā 

TOP SEO keywords for financial planningĀ 

You can see the dynamics of keyword positions by location during the SEO optimization campaign.

The graph below shows that before the SEO promotion works, there was no organic traffic on the site. The chosen strategy and set of measures implemented by our team led to an increase of organic traffic for more than 3000% over the past 2 years compared to the previous similar period:

Graph showing the changes in the number of organic traffic since September 2020

What about technical optimization?

Site performance, loading speed, checking for errors in code, security, operational continuity, optimization of the site for mobile devices and much more. This is only a part of the indicators on which our team is working during the SEO-promotion project. We regularly monitors the health of the site even after the launch:

Results of ā€˜Mobile-Friendly Testā€™ for Colorado Wealth Group site.Graph reflects the proportion if internal URLā€™s on the CWG site that donā€™t have errors

Key data on the main technical parameters of the site

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Let's talk about conversion

It is important for us not only to attract visitors to the site, but also to achieve the main goal of the client - to make a profit.Ā Ā 

We have implemented a number of elements and blocks as prominent CTA buttons, phone, feedback form, personal account, which encourage the user to take targeted actions on the site.

As a result, the number of sessions with conversions increased by 46.55% over the last six months, with the highest percentage of 52.45% of conversion actions on the site coming from organic search.Ā 

Results of detailed analysis of the audience overview since March 2022.A detailed analysis of conversion parameters of the site

Local promotion as the key to increasing brand awareness

Local promotion of the project was aimed at increasing the visibility of the site in the local Google Local Pack search and was used by us as a tool to increase the trust of potential customers of the company, which they may later allow to manage their finances.Ā 

GBP provided full information about the company: telephone, address, working hours, messengers, e-mail, link to the site, photos.Ā 

We developed a design for social media profiles that matched the style of the site, created accounts, and placed an optimized description of the company on different sources. Posting and generation of customer feedback had a positive effect on the company's recognition and rating. Here are the statistics for the year:

Block with customer feedback on the company's servicesResult of analysis of how customers search for your business.

Graph showing where customers see your business while Google searchGraph showing the number of the most common customers actions on the site

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screenshot of ā€œwealth advisor Coloradoā€ request Google Maps search results

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