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Responsive Design for Our Science, Nature, Evolution Client

Direct Line Development was tasked with creating a website that offers responsive design for the launch of Evolut’s first antibacterial products that comprise silver nanoparticles. The new product range was set to open up a whole new segment in the market of household chemical goods and the chemicals have been designed to fight new and evolved bacteria. We needed to describe how the product works, who it appeals to, and why people’s first choice should be Evolut. The site had to clearly display the products, branding, and messaging, so that visitors could quickly grasp the concept of the products.

Web Page Design and the Prototyping Process for Evolut Evolut

For Direct Line Development, one of the most important parts of our web page design process is to be able to visualize the design. It is also important that we determine how to make the most essential information and key messages easy and convenient for users to find. That’s why we work hard to create prototypes and then set to work analyzing each page with a critical eye and keen sense of design and detail. We work with our clients throughout the entire process, taking their input into consideration, and making sure they are happy.
Evolut PrototypeEvolut PrototypeEvolut PrototypeEvolut PrototypeEvolut Prototype

4 different ways

Evolut Version of Design
Evolut Version of Design
Evolut Version of Design
Evolut Version of Design

Responsive Design for an Important Client

Think about when you browse a website. Do you use your PC, your laptop, a tablet, or maybe your phone? Well, responsive design is what we do to ensure the site appears the same across all the different devices and browsers and ensure that the same level of quality will be experienced by all users. We ensure that loading times are fast, images appear the way they are meant to, and being able to scroll through and navigate the site is a breeze, no matter which browser or device you use.
Evolut on iPhone
Evolut on iPad

Excellent results

Evolut Result
Video background
Video on the background creates the right emotional state of the user.
Non-standart works
It stresses that the product is innovation
Parallax effect
It creates a feeling that objects are in weightlessness
10 unique
Evolut PrototypeEvolut PrototypeEvolut PrototypeEvolut PrototypeEvolut PrototypeEvolut Prototype


Evolut Web Page Design
Evolut needed 10 unique pages to effectively describe their product offerings. We set to work creating the 10 individual pages, each of which we ensured would be fully unique to the previous page.
Responsive Design for Evolut
We feel we created a site that is simply stunning on all devices and platforms. Customers who access it from smart phones are able to experience the same level of quality as those who access it from laptops or tablets.
Search Engine Optimization services
You simply cannot have a site these days without SEO. Our search engine optimization services ensured that Evolut’s site is fully optimized with the help of intricate strategies and methods to elevate the site’s result ranking.
Elegant Web Page Design
Direct Line Development has created an elegant web page design that is eye-catching and bright. We developed this site with an intense level of commitment and care.

Modern and laconic

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