Responsive Website Design for Global Conservation

Global Conservation concentrates on assisting endangered species, national parks, and world heritage sites in developing countries. Their purpose is to help save the remaining intact forests, all the while trying to preserve wildlife populations. Our job was to clearly define their message. We set out to develop a web page design that would clearly depict what the group does, how they do it, and how to get in touch with them.

Web Page Design for Global Conservation

At Direct Line Development, it is very important for us to be able to clearly visualize the design, while also being able to determine how to make the most important information easy-to-read and super-convenient for users to find. Once we understand a client’s business and the messages they want to convey, we begin drawing up prototypes of the web page design. We then analyze each page thoroughly. We include the client throughout the entire process to ensure we arrive at the best possible site for their business and for their user’s needs.
Global Conservation PrototypeGlobal Conservation PrototypeGlobal Conservation PrototypeGlobal Conservation Prototype

2 Different Versions

Global Conservation Version of Design
Global Conservation Version of Design
Global Conservation

Responsive Design is a Must Nowadays

These days, you cannot have a website without a responsive design. People are constantly on the move and that means that use a wide array of devices to access the internet. For the Global Conservation website, we set out to ensure that the same level of quality is achieved across all devices and platforms. For any project, one of the most important phases is the responsiveness during the development of the site. We have to make sure that our materials will behave correctly on all PCs, laptops, tablets, cell phones, and even smart TVs.
Global Conservation on iPhone
Global Conservation on iPad


Global Conservation Result
Steep photos
Makes the site not only bright and attractive, but also informative
Custom layout of the site
Highlights the uniqueness and specificity of the main activity of the company
Nice micro animation
Provides an opportunity to revitalize the site
Global Conservation ScreenshotGlobal Conservation ScreenshotGlobal Conservation ScreenshotGlobal Conservation ScreenshotGlobal Conservation ScreenshotGlobal Conservation ScreenshotGlobal Conservation Screenshot
Global Conservation


Responsive Website
It is very important to have a responsive, mobile friendly business website today. There is absolutely no sacrifice to user experience, making it a highly responsive website.
Modern Web Design
The modern web design for this company included bright corporate colors, contrasting headlines, large photos to demonstrate the range of work and the company’s key features.
Design of Unique Pages
Special attention was paid to each of the pages. Each one of them has its own distinction, but they all are designed in the same style.
Memorable web page design
The site has been designed according to the style of the company’s logo, which Direct Line Development also revised during the web page design process.
Global Conservation

Stylish and comfortable


Jeff Morgan

Direct Line did a great job on adaptive design for our mobile and web site, the core for our donor communications.
With their templates, we are now able to keep our content fresh and continue to improve.

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