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Educational game - History Faces

Our recent project appeared to be a real challenge for us. We at Direct Line Development were offered to create educational IOS app - the game Historic Faces, History Faces - IOS app is a quiz game that teaches history while playing. The game is about guessing a historical figure by his description. The game author who came up with idea and concept gave us a task to create a smart and user-friendly app. We set the goal to make an app that will catch users’ fancy with the gameplay and at the same time with educational part.

Prototype for History Faces app
Background with historical persons for History Faces app

IOS App design

We created stylized design of existed author’s logo and fitted its color scheme to the app style. We chose brighter colors to make it look more interesting. We think out and minimize design of the application to make users focus on the content. Text, photos of historical figures and audios look seamless on every page of application.

HistoryFace mobile application

Simple app navigation

Worked out the division of initial modules we completed project design and started application development. The game has 100 levels consisting of 6 rounds each. Each round includes 6 different figures and description you have to match with. To make the game process simple and clear we reduce the number of user’s interactions and information on every level. We developed unique bonus and reward systems. History Faces - IOS app is an application with monetize services where used effective and time-tested methods. On the one hand we have the application that yield profit to the author, on the other hand it is useful educational game.

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Web design for History Faces app
History Faces app in iOS


Design of the application

We work out every page in detail so they would fit requirements of UI and UX designs. The application is balanced between bright design and gameplay.

Game mechanics

Simplicity and usability allows users to focus on game process disregarding technical aspects.

300 Historical Faces

History Faces - IOS app contains 300 historical figures, their photos and descriptions.


It is a universal application for improving your history knowledge designed both for kids and adults. It’s easy to download and play with your friends or family.

Final version of History Faces app

Great result!