Logo Creation Process

We Are Designing a Business Logo for Junction Ventures

We have been tasked with developing a creative, professional landing page and business logo for the company, Junction Ventures. This client has requested a logo in the form of arrows that resembles the letters, J and V, filled with a light gradient. They requested that we use all uppercase letters in their business name. The company is fairly new and plans to serve IT start-ups and small business investors, intermediaries with large customers, and partners engaged in the search. Overall, their work will concentrate on startups that are developing new technologies. In a saturated industry, they needed a logo and landing page that would stand out among their competition.

Website Design
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How We Make a Logo

A logo is the key element of your corporate identity. When we set out to make a logo, we base it around the structure of visual perception on which your brand is built. We know just how the integrity of the image of your business can be reached through your brand identity and the way in which your logo is displayed. The key elements we use to create a logo are fonts, layout, colors, and a wide range of quality tools to ensure we meet your branding requirements. Professional logos are the quickest and easiest way to show off your brand and ensure customers remember you.


Website DesignWebsite DesignWebsite Design

How We Create a Logo that Stands Out

To create a logo that truly stands out, we design a brand book that has a range of logos for our clients to choose from. We then design the logo based on your specifications, color palette, and brand fonts. We also take into account your outdoor advertising and signage, letterheads, and business cards. Further, we consider your social media guidelines, emails, and target market. Most importantly, we take your brand values into account to ensure you get a logo that shows off your brand.

Launching your business online is a perfect business strategy to increase profit and our web studio Direct Line Development can help you make a fast and usable website for your business needs. Our web studio is a professional team of well-trained web designers and web developers that has 16 years of experience. Our company have a wide range of services for you to offer such as: improvement of brand recognition to attract people to your business products and services.

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Do You Need a Company Logo?

If you are looking for a professional and creative company logo, look no further than Direct Line Development. We make sure you are top of mind for customers and stand above your competitors.

Professional Logo Design for Your Business

We undertake professional logo design to ensure your brand remains aligned with your social media, advertising, and corporate identity.

Do You Need a Creative Logo?

Let us create a logo that not only speaks to your target market but one that sets your brand out from the rest. We will create several prototypes for you to choose from.

You Need a Brand Logo!

These days, and especially with the busy world of the Internet, you need a brand logo that stands out. Let us create something that will fit well with your landing page, website, and other online media.

Final Version