Main background for Lotus Beauty Spa Logo
Logo creation process

Logo design for the Lotus beauty spa

Sketch Lotus Beauty Spa
The process of developing the concepts of the logo

The Lotus - in Buddhism, it serves as the traditional symbol of purity. The lotus is born in muddy swamp water, but it is born clean and pure. Similarly, a Spa is a method of physiotherapy associated with water, minerals and seawater, algae and salts, curative muds, and medicinal plants. Let's take a look at the parallels. What can one say about the flower itself - seemingly fragile, but internally strong, light, round, bright. Then there is the SPA with its soft, warm, clean, relaxed water. After discussing and proposing various ideas for the logo’s implementation, we collected the best of these discussions and made 3 different logo concepts.

Lotus Logo_FirstLotus Logo SecondLotus Logo Third
The first concept of the logo

The first concept is minimalistic. The logo is made in the form of a flower petal and a drop of water. An integral part is the spa water, so our designers decided to display it on the logo - a drop. As with the name of the Lotus salon, we took a petal of the flower. The color scheme was made in accordance with the client's preferences. The font characteristically thickens towards the end.

First logo background of Lotus Beauty Spa
Lotus Logo Cards
The second concept of the logo

In addition to the name of the salon, the second concept contains a non-standard arrangement of the lotus flower. The letter "Y" gradually turns into a flower, which is depicted schematically. Demonstrating the finesse and skill of our designers, the letter is depicted as a lotus stem. The font in the logo smoothly bends and small bulges toward the end.

Second logo background of Lotus Beauty Spa
The third concept of the logo

The third concept was very interesting. The logo is presented in a pink and purple color on which the name of the spa salon and the flower lying on the palms are located. It was on this logo that our client stopped. To make the logo look more impressive, we decided to add a light animation. The client was delighted!

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Third logo background of Lotus Beauty Spa
Lotus Logo Gif


Simple and easy to remember

Simple logos are easy to recognize: they are memorable and effective. The company Direct Line Development made the logo for Lotus Beauty-Spa.

Convenient form

Convenient form allows you to place it in any part of business cards, letterheads, products and much more.

Is allocated among the others

Uniqueness is mandatory for all logos. The company Direct Line Development developed an original, but at the same time simple design, which stands out among all other companies.

Animation in the logo

To make the logo more effective when used on the web, we made a small animation where the petals of the flower unfold.

Final Version Lotus Beauty Spa

Final Version