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Landing page web design for writer Dr. Green

Two different ways to design

Make the Grade Version of Design
Make the Grade Version of Design

Modern and responsive web design

Once we collected all the information about the writer and his book 'Maximum Education, we started developing a web design of the landing page. During the website design process we worked closely with the client to understand his goals and suggestions on new website. We focused on the page color scheme. Minimalism is implemented both through the structure and color scheme. The combination of green and blue shades looks very engaging. Besides, we also paid attention to photos. It is clear what this site is about, and what services it provides. The writer’s photo and his short bio are there both included. The site is neatly divided into blocks for better reading. Due to this design, visitors feel comfortable while browsing the site and can find all required information.

Dan Collins Painting on iPhone

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High efficiency

Landing page let visitors focus on one specific offer. It is highly efficient because users are not distracted by other sections.

Right focus

Landing page reveals all sides of service. It shows who this product is for, how it is used and what people get offering it.

Web Design

We made the attractive and convenient custom landing page web design for mAke the grAde. Direct Line Development works with its clients throughout the project process to make them happy by end results.

Modern technology

We used HTML 5 and CSS 3 when creating the site. This is why the site was very fast, responsive and modern in terms of technologies.

Great result of the web design for the mAke the grAde

Modern & Clean
Landing page