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About the Web Page Design Process for This Client

For Media Active Inc.’s web page design, Direct Line Development wanted to create a clear, concise, and attractive design. This is yet another one of our clients that we enjoy working with. The company focuses on video production. For our team of developers, designers, and managers, our main goal was to create a product that would embody all the client’s goals and intentions, as well as, attract his customers and prospects attention. The site is clean, clear, and very easy to navigate, no matter which device or platform you are using. Their brand identity is easy to identify and remember and visitors are drawn in by the enticing graphics and videos. The text is clear and loading times are fast for every page.
Media Active

Prototyping and Web Page Design for Media Active Inc.

During the web page design process, we paid particularly special attention to the slogans, videos, services, and various customer’s and company's’ feedback. We made sure all the relevant information would be easy to find and clearly laid out on each page. We always go through an extensive prototype process, working alongside our clients, to make sure every page is responsive, attractive, and meets both our and our client’s high standards and expectations.
Media Active PrototypeMedia Active PrototypeMedia Active PrototypeMedia Active PrototypeMedia Active Prototype

old site

Media Active old site

Two new ways to design

Media Active Version of Design
Media Active Version of Design
Media Active

Responsive Web Design for an Awesome Client

We ensured that the entire website would be responsive. That means it looks amazing and adapts to any device. We live in a busy world and people tend to access the internet on-the-go. They’re not just sitting behind computer screens anymore; they’re on tablets, laptops, phones, and sometimes even online via their televisions. We have to ensure that every page looks the same across platforms and devices. So what a laptop user sees and experiences is exactly the same as what a mobile phone user sees and experiences. Everything loads neatly and clearly, and each part of the site is easy to navigate.

home page design

Media Active Result
Video that comes over on the slogan - looks spectacular
Company's equipment
Super modern company's cameras emphasize its professionalism
It is important to distinguish them favorably, it will help to attract customers
Media Active ScreenshotMedia Active ScreenshotMedia Active ScreenshotMedia Active ScreenshotMedia Active Screenshot


The whole site is responsive and looks great on any device.
Media Active on iPhone
Media Active on iPad


Web page design for Media Active Inc.
For this project, we at Direct Line Development came up with a non-standard solution. We really wanted to create that “wow!” factor, so we used cool typography and interactive video to really engage users.
Responsive web design from us
Responsive web design is a must-have for any website. An adaptive site is a massive advantage, that is exactly what we did for this awesome client. The site works seamlessly across all platforms and devices.
Web page design for video cameras
Media Active Inc. boasts advanced equipment that meets all the latest technological standards and requirements. It was up to us to create web page design around this offering. We believe we nailed it!
Corporate web page design
Media Active Inc. is still a corporate company and to that end required a corporate, yet fun, web page design. We achieved this with the use of eye-catching and bright design developed with concentration, commitment and care.
Media Active

cool website
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