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Background for Miller Law Firm, PC Search Engine Optimization Case
Search Engine Optimization

The Best SEO Strategies for Professional Attorney Website Promotion

Our SEO Goals for This Project

  • Increase the visibility of the site in search engines
  • Increase organic traffic 
  • Improve behavioral factors
  • Increase conversion rates and bring in more clients through the site
  • Improve local promotion results

List of SEO Tasks We Performed

Niche and Competitors Analysis

The field of legal services has always been competitive; here, it is important not only to create a user-friendly website and optimize it for the requirements of search engines but also to maintain a high trust resource. In addition, when selecting keywords, you should initially use medium and low-frequency queries, moving from higher-frequency queries over time and increasing the visibility of the site. Sites with an extended structure and detailed info dominate in search results for basic queries. 

Different conversion elements are used on the pages of competitor sites. All of these factors were taken into account in the formation of our promotion strategy. Our list of initial tasks included:

  • Finding quality resources for link building, as well as informational pages, such as blog articles
  • Finding medium and low-frequency queries for the keyword map
  • Adding elements such as buttons for the contact form and phone number that should immediately attract attention
  • Ensure the site is tied to the location of the site promotion, as well as optimize accounts in mapping services

Site Structure and Keyword Map

The structure of the client's old website did not allow for a detailed description of the full range of services.

An old site structure client had for us to SEO optimizeThe new website structure Direct Line created had subservices

Taking into account the competitors' analysis, we developed a new site structure, adding not only legal areas in which the client operates but also specific services, which allowed us to use mid-range and low-frequency queries when creating content. The new pages also provided more information for potential clients, which contributes to a higher conversion rate on the site.

External Optimization

The client has purchased a new domain, and, in order to start building a link profile, we created a parked page. This step allowed us to begin work on external optimization, even before the site launch. 

As a result, by the time the site was launched, it already had referring domains and pages. Our specialists choose subject-specific and local directories and catalogs for linking to the website very carefully, as the quality of referring resources plays an important role, especially in the legal industry. 

As a result, the link profile of the site has been improving continuously for over 2 years.

A graph showing the changes in the number of referring domains since the beginning of our work.A graph showing the changes in the number of referring pages since the beginning of our work.

Visibility and Traffic: Over 100% Growth 

During the first year of working on the project, we created SEO texts for the service and subcategory pages. We also transferred the blog articles written by experts from the client’s old site, to increase the expertise of the resource. As a result, by the end of the first year, the site ranked for key queries, and in the second year of promotion we were able to bring some queries in the TOP 10 and 3 in the locations where the client site is promoted. 

Screenshot of the site with an analysis of the number of organic keywords

Increased visibility of the site in search engines led to an increase in overall and organic traffic. The new site was launched in September 2020, and after properly setting up redirects from the old site, it immediately began to bring in more traffic. Publishing new pages and refining content has led to steady growth. When comparing traffic across the U.S. in the first year after the launch of the site and in the subsequent year, we see a steady growth of metrics: about 60% on average, and about 130% was the growth of traffic just from search engines.

The number of general and organic traffic significantly increased since September 1.

The visibility of the site on the Internet can also be assessed using the Google Search Console. If we compare the number of impressions and clicks on the site in the search results now and a year earlier, we see an increase of 123% and 38%, respectively.

Graph showing changes in quantity of total clicks and impressions since the beginning of our work.

The site uses bright, eye-catching CTAs, and contact forms, and customer contact information is located in a convenient place so that people visiting the site can easily find it.

Home page image of professional legal assistance websiteContact page of the site with phone numbers and addresses.

We make the most use of various elements on the site pages and arrange the content in such a way as to improve the behavioral factors of the resource. As a result of adding new pages and constantly optimizing content, we have achieved an increase in the number and depth of page views, as well as a decrease in the percentage of users leaving the site.

Graph-comparison of pageviews for the last 2 years.

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Snippet Optimization and Local SEO Promotion

In addition to the visible content on the site, we also work on how the site will show up in the SERPs - the search engine results pages. The snippet should look attractive, and the page title and description should be displayed in full. In addition, a big plus is to display directly in the output links to other pages on the site - this allows users to go straight to the desired section, which improves the behavioral factors of the site. 

Our client's site has attractive snippets in the output for different queries, used when compiling the keyword map and writing the SEO texts and meta-tags of the pages.

Search result for the “living trust lawyers in my area” requestSearch result for the “local probate attorneys” requestSearch result for the “asset protection attorney near me” requestSearch result for the “life care planning law firms in king of prussia” request

In addition, thanks to the optimization of client accounts in mapping services, their Google Business Profile is #1 in the Local Pack - a special section of the Google search results page where only trustworthy businesses are listed. The visibility of the profile in search results is also steadily increasing.

Search result for the “elder lawyers near me” request

The card's visibility is tracked by metrics such as interactions, views, and queries that bring users to the company's profile. As you can see in the screenshots, all of these metrics have majorly improved compared to last year. 

The performance overview analysis for the SEO-optimized websiteResult of analysis of how people discover your business.

Mobile Version and Technical Optimization

We continue to work with the site, regularly updating content and providing technical support. In addition, we offer our clients site improvements, as Google is constantly improving its search algorithms. In order to keep positions and traffic, it is necessary to optimize your site and content. 

All site pages have been optimized for use on mobile devices.

Detailed data about Miller Law Firm, PC site pages usability from Google Analytics.Results of ‘Mobile-Friendly Test’ for Miller Law Firm, PC site.

We also regularly check the site using SEO tools and other services to keep track of errors and correct them on time.

Health Score shows that there are no internal URL’s with errors.

Social Media Optimization

When promoting in a competitive niche, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the site itself but also to the company's social networks, as only this integrated approach will ensure good results. We developed a social media design for the client, which is very similar to the website design, as well as added company descriptions optimized for SEO to all of their social media accounts.

Screeenshot of Miller Law Firm, PC LinkedIn accountScreeenshot of Miller Law Firm, PC Facebook account

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