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Joe Monzo, the Owner of Monzo Media Productions, requested the company Direct Line Development make an animated advertising video for him. Monzo Media Productions is a company that creates attractive films for organizations to help them increase sales and marketing efforts. We had a task to tell about the company's services in unrefined and direct language. The video contained promotion of video services and describe the working process in detail: meeting with the client, organization, planning, staging, shooting, editing, marketing, etc.
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Interesting and informative motion video clip

We created a motion video clip with characters. We used infographics with a duration of 2:30 minutes, where the company's work was shown in stages. While working at the project we adhered to the corporate style of Monzo Media Productions. The client was pleased with our work very much! If you ask our company to create a video for you, you can be 100% confident that the result will be great! You will get the result you want and the viewers will be pleased.
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Pleasant to watch
People watch animation videos for more than just the plot. They like to see how the characters and environment around them are drawn. A beautiful animated video brings pleasure.
Fast and convenient
Videos will give a user all the necessary information. You will save your employees time so they do not have to answer the same questions by phone all the time.
Effective impact
Video affects two channels of human perception (visual and audible) simultaneously. It is a type of a rapid and accessible information reporting.
Widespread use
Videos deliver information most effectively. The company has been using this type of promotion for a long period of time to communicate with the clients.

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