Motion design

Motion design for a traffic safety equipment supplier Solar track

Solar Track is a traffic safety equipment supplier in Allentown, PA, that provides GPS/online fleet management solutions for construction business to enhance logistics and organize their fleet from any device. If not us, then what design studio could have better managed this project they needed. They wanted a video that would showcase the description of their product and its benefits for clients. Motion design for a traffic safety equipment supplier had to capture product functions and draw in buyers. At first we took aim to learn more about our client in-depth and chose key points of his business to focus on. After that step, we planned a story script and when it was confirmed, we created and presented a visual storyboard.

Fleshed out design for backgrounds and objects

During the design process of creating layouts for backgrounds and each object, our designers used a rich color scheme featuring the company’s logo. As a background we chose 2 views: construction site and the GPS map. This is the most accurate way to show in video where and how the product works. The objects were carefully designed and detailed.

Design of characters and their description

Marge - financial accountant that responsible for billings
Larry - construction equipment owner who has to monitor the state and damage or loss
Rodger - Chief Operating Officer that responsible the daily operations of the company
Customer - all the clients that need construction equipment

All Page Design

Motion media design for an explanatory video

Our motion designs for a traffic safety equipment supplier were aimed to highlight important elements of the story through contrast and brightness of the elements. Everything in this video is in motion, no static objects! People breath, gesticulate and show emotion. We showed everything from product installation to passing data. From this motion design video viewers clearly understand what the product is and how its software works.

Creation process slideCreation process slideCreation process slide

Motion design effects

Post-syncing and good speakers are integral parts of effective motion design. In this way, sound coupled with visuals describe how equipment works. Detailed characters and objects make viewers capture the main idea and product’s functions. As a result we delivered on a trend and jazzy explanatory motion design for a traffic safety equipment supplier that kids and adults will enjoy without the realization that it’s as much a marketing video as an explanation. Now Solar Track can sell their product and their clients can save their budgets and time on buying and servicing construction equipment.

Launching your business online is a perfect business strategy to increase profit and we at Direct Line Development know how to create a brand-new eye-catching website that works for your business. We are a web design and web development company with over 16 years of experience. Our web studio provides an array of services like moving graphics to direct customers’ attention to your business.


Linear Storyline

Creates atmosphere and describes working principles of the software in stages.

Design and Animation

Contemporary and trendy flat design is in the minimalistic genre used for this video. Objects and characters are designed and animated in such a way as to play on the viewers senses.

Pro Speaker

Trained voice and clear articulation is a master weapon of this video. So viewers understand the message clearly and properly.

Marketing Element

We used marketing methodology in this motion design: we put in a focus on the main product, when demonstrating its upsides.


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