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Background for Mount Royal Spa Search Engine Optimization Case
Search Engine Optimization

Effective SEO Promotion for a Spa Center Website

Our SEO Goals for This Project

  1. Expanding the semantics of the site
  2. Promoting the existing queries to the TOP
  3. Boosting the organic traffic to the client's website
  4. Outperforming local competitors in search results
  5. Placing new keyword queries in the TOP 10 and TOP 20

Competitor Analysis

Competitor and niche analysis is an important stage of every SEO project. We take the time to study the local market, the niche in general, and the main competing websites in order to achieve the best results for our customers.

When analyzing websites, our SEO team pays attention to the following aspects:

  • Site Structure
  • Content Quality
  • Metadata
  • Link Building Strategy
  • Internal Links

The Key Aspects of Our SEO Campaign

The Structure of the Site

We have designed a logical hierarchy of pages that reflects the entire range of services offered by the client. Unlike the old structure, the new one is easy to understand and expanded to include all the services provided by the spa center:

Reference Profile

The number of referring domains has increased by 62%.

A high-quality link profile can help you gain more trust among search engines. The client's website is very new, it was created in 2018, so our strategy in this case was to choose reputable donor domains relevant to the client's website and business area and gradually increase the reference mass:

Result of referring domains increase since July 2021

Thus, the number of referring domains has increased by 62% over the past 12 months, while the domain rating has improved by 4 points:

Result of domain rating increase since July 2021.

Content Strategy

The organic traffic has grown by over 80%.

Getting organic traffic for many keyword queries does not necessarily lead to revenue growth, which was one of our client's goals. When creating the keyword map, we have taken into account the commercial potential of keywords in order to ensure we attract users who are really interested in what the client is offering.

The graph below shows that users from organic searches have the highest percentage of lead generation at 67.74%. 

Graph showing the change of goal completions (all users vs organic traffic) since September 2021

Adding optimized texts, visual content, photos, and videos to the site and creating a product gallery has significantly improved user behavior on the site. The bounce rate has decreased by 92.48%, page views have increased by 687.35%, and customers have spent longer on the site by 140%.

In general, organic traffic has grown by more than 80% over the past 12 months.

Graph showing the increase of organic traffic through a year in relation with 2020-2021

The site began to rank for 25 keywords in the TOP 10 (+2,500% compared to the beginning of the SEO campaign).

The graph below compares the number of keywords by which the site was ranked before launch with the current numbers.

The number of organic keywords has increased from 1 to 234 in 12 months.

Graph showing the increase of organic keywords since July 2021

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Technical Optimization

You might be surprised to know that developing a convenient mobile version of the site is one of the most important aspects of SEO promotion. More and more people around the world are ditching laptops for iPhones, and so Google ranks websites optimized for mobile devices better.

An analysis of website users by device category showed that more than 58% of them use mobile devices to visit the Mt Royal Spa website.

A table with percentages showing which devices are used to visit the site

For site users, it is also very important that the site is displayed correctly on the mobile device, the text is readable, and the loading speed is lightning fast.

Naturally, we had to fully optimize the Mt Royal Spa website for mobile devices.

Result of the test for mobile optimization that the website has a mobile-friendly version

The Search Console allows you to track the key parameters of site performance in Google. Below, you can see the result of the work - there is a steady increase in clickability and site visibility in Google search results.

Google Search Console showing the increase of the number of clicks and impressions

Local SEO Promotion

Based on the analysis of the niche, we have identified the target audience of the spa center that we are promoting. Their customers can be anyone, from high-performance athletes to people diagnosed with a serious illness, from hotel guests to local residents in Summit County. Thus, local promotion was high on our list of priorities.

screenshot of “spa treatments” request Google search results

We wrote SEO-optimized texts for the GBP accounts and fixed the settings. As can be seen from the graph, the growth in the number of visitors to the site amounted to more than 43% over the past 12 months compared to the previous similar period.

Graph showing the increase of organic traffic in comparison with 2020

Below are the GBP statistics from the last 3 months. We can see that users are actively finding the client’s spa services thanks to our optimization efforts.

Graph showing how customers search for the business profile they needGraph showing where customers see your business while Google search

Monitoring the Results

We regularly conduct a comparative analysis of the current results of our SEO campaigns with that of the competitors, which allows us to swiftly respond to any changes and offer solutions to maximize results.

Graph with the increase of domain rating, backlinks, referring domains, organic traffic etc.

On the graphs below, you can see the effectiveness of our methods. Our project occupies the best positions based on all the important criteria:

Analysis of indicators of main competitorsComparison of the competitors’ rank results.

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Getting your site to the TOP of Google search results is the main goal of our work. We are proud of every project that goes through the hands of our team. Our team works hard on SEO-optimizing your site to help you develop your business. 

To ensure we’re capable of achieving great results, we are constantly developing, monitoring emerging trends in the world of SEO, improving our strategies, and tracking search engine algorithms.

If you want to increase organic traffic, boost your visibility, implement a new design and reach the TOP - contact us!

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