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Responsive website

Website development for the Onward Technology Solutions

Prototyping for Onward Technology Solutions

Different Versions to design

Different versions to design Version 1 | Onward Technology Solutions
Different versions to design Version 2 | Onward Technology Solutions

Website development process for an all-inclusive Managed IT Service provider

We accepted the challenge to develop a high performance, standout and contemporary website for this all-inclusive Managed IT Service provider. We also took care of mobile users and adapted the website to mobile devices so they could browse the site as comfortably as desktop users.

We brought all the needed information to the forefront so users wouldn’t get lost in space and time on the site. First and foremost, we discussed in detail and highlighted the website’s purpose and thought through all the elements to achieve a good user experience. The next stage was prototype designing of the homepage and when the client approved it, we worked out the rest of the web pages. Direct Line Development is scrupulous about all the project stages. As far as the website, it is lightweighted and includes 7 unique pages that we sent to our client for approval. The client gave the thumbs-up and our design team stuck to their displays designing mockups with client’s suggestions in mind.  

Onward web page prototype from Direct Line DevelopmentOnward website design by Direct Line Development company

The process of website design

Let’s take a closer look at the web design features.

Our team of professionals designed 2 off the wall homepage mockups.

First design version for Onward Techology SolutionsSecond web design version for Onward Techology Solutions

The first mockup included an interacting background where when mousing over the website page the pointer was flashlighted. All key information about services was placed to the homepage to reduce user search time. A simple structure and clear navigation make it easier.

The second mockup had a subtle motion logo of the company. And all needed information was placed on the homepage as well so users could find it without leaving the page. Our designers shook up design with animated service icons.

We sent those mockups to our client and he liked both which made it hard to choose. We decided to help him and combined them. As a result, when you visit the website, the first thing you see is the animated company’s logo with the interacting background.

Responsive web design

One of the objectives was to create a responsive web design. We used the latest technologies to make the Onward Technology Solutions website easy to navigate on a variety of devices: desktop computers, laptops, phones or tablets. Our developers applied JavaScript and various CSS styles, which are used depending on a device.

The best idea to attract new clients for your business is to launch your business online and we at Direct Line Development know how to create a fast and usable website for your business needs. Direct Line is a team of professional web designers and web developers that has 16 years of experience. Our web studio have a wide range of services for you to offer such as: website building to direct customers’ attention to your business.

Onward on iPhone
Onward on MacBook
All page design  - Onward Technology Solutions

All page design


Corporate identity

onward logo


Modern technology

We used HTML 5 and CSS 3 in our work. As a result, the website turned out to be very fast and modern in terms of technologies.

Responsive Website

We have created a website that is incredibly easy-to-use on any device and platform. The clients who visit it using their smartphones experience the same level of quality as those ones who use laptops and tablets.

Animation in the logo

To make the logo of the Onward Technology Solutions site look more impressive, we made a small animation on the main page.


Direct Line Development has created a simple, user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. We have thought of everything to make the visitors feel comfortable when searching the site.

Great result - Onward Technology Solutions Case Study

Great result