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Background for Panayiotis Pattichis Responsive landing page Case

Creating a Responsive Website

Have you met the online personal trainer, Panayiotis Pattichis? This inspiring personal trainer conducts his diet programs and workout programs online, so it was imperative that he has an attractive, customer converting and informative landing page, not to mention a responsive website as a whole. The personal trainer creates a custom diet and workout programs for his clients and with nearly a decade of experience in fitness, Thai boxing, and higher sports education, Panayiotis had built up a long list of satisfied clients. He just needed to increase his customer base, while also making sure current clients knew where to find him and could use his landing page across devices.

Prototyping for Panayiotis Pattichis Website

Website Design and Prototyping

Once we had worked with Panayiotis to choose the best single-page website design format for his site, we then got to work on the mobile and desktop versions. After that, we concentrated on the various behaviors of the different design elements. We also designed the intermediate size screens and implemented a cohesive site once the client and our team were happy with every element.

The main function of the landing page is creating a custom workout and diet programs. So, the mandatory condition was the presence of the form, where a customer enters his parameters, makes the payment via PayPal, and after that receives a custom workout or diet program from the trainer.

Panayiotis Pattichis PrototypePanayiotis Pattichis PrototypePanayiotis Pattichis Prototype
Panayiotis Pattichis

Responsive Website

Panayiotis Pattichis on iPhone
Panayiotis Pattichis on iPad
Panayiotis Pattichis
Panayiotis Pattichis Result


One Landing Page

This responsive website had to serve as a compact landing page. This is why Direct Line Development was up to the task of presenting information aimed at the client’s target audience: athletes and busy people who need to be able to quickly scan and find the information they are looking for.

Responsive Website

We understand that today’s busy and active people use their mobile devices to access the internet. That’s why we knew this landing page had to be made to be a responsive website that looks incredible no matter what device visitors are using.

Social Media Integration

It is important to integrate a responsive website with social media, since that’s where our client’s customer base are hanging out. Panayiotis’ clients need to be able to discover his landing page via social media, so we worked hard to ensure it was fully integrated. Any reviews that are left for the trainer are automatically loaded from sites like Facebook and the photos from his Instagram account can be found at the bottom of the landing page as soon as they are posted.

Website Design

Website design isn’t just about technicalities, it’s also about aesthetics. That’s why we made a careful and distinct choice to use contrast colors, bright accents, and a range of dimensions for all the elements. Along with that we used, italics and diagonal levels to give the page the flare it deserves and to emphasize the sports and fitness theme.

Panayiotis Pattichis

Fresh and Clear


Panayiotis Pattichis

Everything works perfectly :) The website design is amazing, easy to understand and I am very satisfied.
The whole website looks very professional and I think this can help me gain more trust from my clients :)

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