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Modernizing a Dated Plumbing Website Design: Our New Case Study

How We Updated Web Design for Plumbers at Austin Area Plumbing

After a brainstorming session, here are the solutions we came up with: 

  1. The Color Scheme

For Austin Area Plumbing, we kept a high level of continuity by using the company’s brand colors (white and blue) and signature baseball-related imagery, as well as a font that doesn’t feel out of place and fits nicely with the overall aesthetic of the site.

  2. New Structure

One of the main reasons visitors leave a site they just opened is the confusing layout. When you don’t understand where you’re supposed to click to get the thing that you want, the temptation is strong to just close the page altogether. Therefore, the best plumbing website design is built around a simple site architecture where everything has its place. We made sure each page on the site has a specific purpose and is linked to other pages in a way that makes logical sense.

3. New Content

SEO is perhaps the best way to attract local clients online. SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization, is a complex set of techniques aimed at improving a site’s visibility on the Internet. Without good content, you can’t have good SEO, as simple as that. 

What we did is fill the client’s site with information and visuals. This includes SEO texts, articles, illustrations, photos, and animations. This will not only help us retain visitors but also improve the site’s credibility in the eyes of search engines.

4. Responsive Design

Most online purchases these days are made on the phone, not stationary computer. And yes, that includes plumbing services. If you haven’t adapted to the new reality, you are losing out on hundreds of potential clients. This is why we made sure that the website for our plumber company is responsive. 

A responsive web design means that all the pages on the site adjust to the screen size of the device being used. Anyone can order Austin Area Plumbing services - anytime, anywhere.

What Makes This Website Design for Plumbers Different

Bold Color Choices

We didn’t shy away from loud colors and fun designs.

Memorable Elements

Fun animations are sure to make any plumbing site stand out.

Survey for Visitors

A survey we designed helps visitors quickly diagnose their plumbing issue.

User-Friendly Architecture

Simple structure and intuitive navigation make the site easy to use.


Want Us to Create the Best Plumber Website Design for You?

The finished website for Austin Area Plumbing is simple yet memorable, in line with the client’s brand aesthetic, and with an effective functionality thanks to the integrated survey form. If you want something similar for your plumbing web design, we are just a call away.

At Direct Line Development, we know that designing a website is a time-consuming, intimidating process, and we are here to help you out. Our team consists of webmasters and SEO gurus that work together to develop a custom site that brings you more clients and helps you bring a steady flow of income. Get in touch today - and let’s develop a site of your dreams, together! 

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