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Background for Pure Remedies Search Engine Optimization Case
Search Engine Optimization

The new life of PureRemediesCBD site after renovation

Our SEO Objectives for This Project

  • Fill pages of the catalog with content
  • Increase the site‚Äôs visibility and ranking in search engines
  • Reorganize the catalog to make it more user-friendly

Our List of SEO Tasks for This Project

So, How Does It All Begin? With the Structure!

The original structure of the site was too small and did not allow product selection by active ingredients as it was based only on the division into product types by mode of application.

The old structure of the site with which the client turned to usA new, completed and updated site structure for PureRemediesCBD.

A new structure was developed based on our experience in promoting CBD projects, as well as our analysis of the client's competitors. This allowed us to create a selection of products by both the mode of application and the active substance. In addition to improving user experience, it allowed us to expand the catalog by almost 4 times and about 30 new landing pages.

Next Step: Analyzing Current Content and Positions 

When creating a keyword map on the projects to promote CBD stores, it is important to use MF and LF queries as this industry is very competitive. High rankings for HF queries cannot be achieved overnight. This is why we have added subcategory pages for such queries.

Graph showing how organic traffic grows since March 2022.

We have written and published SEO texts, which allowed us to increase the total number of organic keywords by 3,5 times (from 236 to 814), and the number of keywords in the TOP-10 by more than 2 times (from 26 to 59). 

The client wanted to promote their site not only in the city where the store is located, so we tracked the positions of requests in several locations.

Some Tips We Used for the Link Building Strategy

Due to our vast experience in SEO promotion of e-commerce websites selling CBD and THC products, we have accumulated a large database of thematic resources for linking to our clients' sites. We started the link building campaign in March, and in just a few months we have achieved significant improvements in the client’s link profile, and, as a result, its ranking by search engines.

A graph showing the changes in the number of referring domains since March 2022.A graph showing the changes in the number of referring pages since March 2022.

What Did We Do with the Organic Traffic?

Adding SEO texts to the site not only improved the keyword ranking but also increased the number of impressions and clicks in the search engine results.

A graph showing the changes in the number of total clicks over the past 6 months.Screenshot showing changes in quantity of total impressions since March 2022.

The result of this improvement was an increase in both the total and organic traffic. From March to July 2022, we managed to increase our traffic by several times.

Data from Google Analytics showing the positive dynamics of the site’s promotion in search engines.

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How We Increased Conversions

At the time the client contacted our company, the site’s bounce rate was almost 100%. This means that the vast majority of visitors left the site without looking at more than a few pages. This had a negative impact on the site's ranking in the eyes of search engines. Behavioral characteristics are one of the most important ranking factors, and users' behavior on the site told them that the site is not useful to visitors.

After the audit, we offered the client a number of suggestions aimed at improving the usability and technical components of the site. We also carried out work on additional requests from the client. Additionally, we added information about the products in the product cards. As a result of implemented changes, reorganization of the site menu, and updates to the catalog, the bounce rate decreased by more than 2 times: now it is about 40-48%.

Analytical data of statistics on the bounce rate.

Increased traffic and improved behavioral factors along with an increase in loading speed led to an increase in user interest: the number of pages viewed and the time that users spend on the site increased. We managed to increase the conversion rate of the site as a whole, including for organic traffic - by almost 4 times, too!

Statistical data on the changes of the PureRemediesCBD site from Google Analytics.

What About the Loading Speed?

The PageSpeed Insights scores of the site’s load speed were also initially very low - 32 for the mobile version and 57 for the desktop version. After conducting some technical work on the site, we improved the loading speed to 54 on mobile and 97 on desktop.

Statistical data on the changes of the PureRemediesCBD site from Google Analytics.

What You Need in a Successful Website - a Mobile Version 

How well your site works on mobile is also important for SEO. We optimized the site to make it more convenient to use on all gadgets. An online store adapted for mobile devices has a much better chance of increasing online sales, because no customer wants to read the small text or waste time hitting buttons that are too close.

Results of ‚ÄėMobile-Friendly Test‚Äô for PureRemediesCBD site.Detailed data about PureRemediesCBD site pages validation from Google Analytics.

How We Used Social Media and Google Business Profile to Promote the Site

In addition to the website, we also optimized the client company's social media accounts, designing them and adding SEO texts. This made it possible to create a unified format for presenting the client's company online. 

A screenshot of the PureRemediesCBD main page in the Linkedin social network.A screenshot of the PureRemediesCBD main page in the Twitter social network .

For a store in a small city, it is very important to work with the Google Business card and keep track of the dynamics on it. The main indicator here is the percentage of users who found the listing not through a branded or direct query but in organic search results. The screenshots show that the majority of users are finding the Google Business card of the client in the search results, and also actively interacting with it, for example, request directions and make calls using the phone number on the site.

Result of analysis of how customers search for your business.Result of analysis of customers behavior on the site’s pages.Data on requests for directions for the PureRemediesCBD company.

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