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Modern Web Design for 3rd Floor Media

This boutique advertising agency approached Direct Line Development for a modern web design that would showcase their full production capabilities. We began by visualizing the design and determining how to make the company’s core messaging easy to find and read. We always strive to understand the client’s business, goals and overall message, so that we can create the perfect prototypes for the client. Every page is carefully analyzed to make sure the site will work across all devices. Furthermore, we work with the client every step of the way to ensure they are happy with the site.
3rd Floor Media

Modern Web Design for a Modern Company

Modern web design is all about bringing the company’s key elements together – branding, messaging, and services – in a well laid-out site that attracts visitors and converts them into customers. We used a simple lay out for this client, so that visitors would be able to understand what the company offers and easily navigate the site. We used simple, clean graphics to ensure the site would be responsive across all devices.
3rd Floor Media Prototype3rd Floor Media Prototype3rd Floor Media Prototype3rd Floor Media Prototype3rd Floor Media Prototype3rd Floor Media Prototype3rd Floor Media Prototype3rd Floor Media Prototype3rd Floor Media Prototype

Responsive Design is a Must Nowadays

These days, you cannot have a website without a responsive design. People are constantly on the move and that means that use a wide array of devices to access the internet. For the 3fm website, we set out to ensure that the same level of quality is achieved across all devices and platforms. For any project, one of the most important phases is the responsiveness during the development of the site. We have to make sure that our materials will behave correctly on all PCs, laptops, tablets, cell phones, and even smart TVs.
3rd Floor Media on iPhone
3rd Floor Media on iPhone
3rd Floor Media

Responsive Website Design is Always a Necessity!

Responsive website design is an absolute must for any website. These days, people access the internet on-the-go by using anything from a phone to a tablet, a notebook, and even a smart TV to access the information they need. For this website, we set out to ensure that the same high standards of quality would be achieved across all platforms and devices. We ensured that the materials would load and behave correctly, no matter how a visitor accesses the website.

Main Page Design

3rd Floor Media Result
3rd Floor Media Screenshot3rd Floor Media Screenshot3rd Floor Media Screenshot3rd Floor Media Screenshot3rd Floor Media Screenshot3rd Floor Media Screenshot3rd Floor Media Screenshot3rd Floor Media Screenshot3rd Floor Media Screenshot3rd Floor Media Screenshot


Responsive Website
A responsive website is a must. We ensured this site would be mobile-friendly and would perform well across all platforms and devices. Which means that there is no sacrifice to the user experience, no matter how they access the site.
Modern Web Design
We used contrasting headlines, bright colors, and large images to demonstrate 3rd Floor Media’s range of abilities and their key features. We ensured that the modern web design layout was simple and clean so that users can easily find the information they need.
Web Page Design
We used a modern web design in accordance with 3rd Floor Media’s logo. We revised the logo, too, which we think works well with the client’s look and feel.
Unique Website Design
We paid special attention to each page on the site, using modern web design to give each page a unique distinction but also ensured that the pages mold well together and fit into the overall style of 3rd Floor Media’s website.
3rd Floor Media
Attractive Website Design for 3rd Floor Media
3rd Floor Media

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