Two fish on Deep Blue Air main background
Responsive website

Brand-new website for Deep Blue Air

Parallax block with Deep Blue Air prototypes

Two defferent ways to design and final design

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Deep Blue Air responsivity block

Responsive design for air conditioning company

Nowadays being closer to your customers and being approachable from any area have big impact on business and company image. Responsive design allows users to browse with comfort the website wherever they are using smartphones and tablets. It results in a new customer, higher spot on Google pages, and more customers again! That is why Deep Blue Air website is fully responsive: adopted to all screen resolutions, gadgets, and browsers.

  • Web design for Deep Blue Air on iPad
  • Web design for Deep Blue Air on MacOS
  • Web design for Deep Blue Air on iPhone
  • Web design for Deep Blue Air on iPhone Plus
Background for Deep Blue Air main page screenshot

Homepage design for Deep Blue Air

The design of Deep Blue Air is simple and smart. It has blue color, depth, and air. As fish is a part of company’s logo and our client desired to see them on his website, we added it to design. Now you may recognize 4 fishes on the background. We even replaced cursor with image of swordfish. The next task was to showcase the connection between air conditioning and fish. We chose blue color and used color gradient to represent coolth and depth.

We add animated waves as a representation ocean waves and air flow, As a final touch, we placed a photo of a Florida beach standing for calm and comfort.

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Screenshot of Deep Blue Air main page
Parallax block with Deep Blue Air web design

All pages design


Unique pages:

We developed 6 unique pages with animated blocks and elements

Responsive design:

The website is designed for different gadgets to display the same quality for all users

Integration with social media:

It is the best way to notify people and spread news

Custom CMS:

This system simplifies process of website content updating in a few clicks

Final result of Deep Blue Air website development

Fresh and Creative website design