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Responsive website

Topnotch web design for cleaning company Captain Steamer

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Two defferent ways to design and final design

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Responsive web design for the Captain

Nowadays, to hold the lead in your business niche you need to have an approachable team of professionals and be available online. It makes your business more customer-friendly and allows you to stand out from your competitors. With this knowledge, we designed the website for Captain Steamer that displays the same quality and all necessary information on any devices and screens giving their clients the comfort of browsing and reading on smartphones, tablets, laptops.

  • Web design for Captain Steamer on iPad
  • Web design for Captain Steamer on MacOS
  • Web design for Captain Steamer on iPhone
  • Web design for Captain Steamer on iPhone Plus
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Homepage design

Sometimes looking for cleaning services can become an urgent task, therefore minimalistic design is a priority  for such a website as it doesn’t affect its loading speed. We made a clean, user-friendly website with simple navigation. n top of the site, you can recognize the company’s logo and contact information. We embedded a slider that describes the company and services in brief. To make this page more lively, we used photos of the real staff in the slider. As you scroll down, you can look through services the company provides in more detail. We’ve got rid of excessive elements, used logo colors such as red, white, and blue and made it plain and easy to read.

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Screenshot of Captain Steamer main page
Parallax block with Captain Steamer web design

All pages design


10+ unique pages

We created 10+ pages including homepage, service pages, blog, and many more.

Minimalist web design

We designed a site that is user-friendly and easy to read with clear colors and staff photos.

Responsive web design

The site performs well on any device, browser, and screen resolution without lacking a bit of information.


Besides micro animation and the slider, the site served as a platform for creating another website of the company.

Final result of Captain Steamer website development

Useful website for useful company