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Web development & responsive web design Salvatori Law Office

Salvatori Law Office provides legal representation which encompasses all aspects of real estate law, condominium and homeowner association law, corporate and general business law as well as commercial business. The client asked Direct Line Development to create a simple, small and, mostly, informative website. The main task is to rethink the law firms website design by making it modern and catchy.

Prototyping for Salvatori website

Three Different Versions

First version of web design for Salvatori website
Second version of web design for Salvatori website
Third version of web design for Salvatori website

Main page for a legal company

We gave due attention to the first screen by properly placing a full complement of information on it: minimizing transitions and maximizing information. We thoroughly studied the content of the existing website, we concluded that we can significantly reduce amount of user’s transitions and, at the same time, give all required information about company and its services. No extra. The key information about a service a user finds on the main page. Simple structure and easy site navigation make it possible. Brevity is the soul of wit, one of the reasons we use only 3 colors. These limits create the necessary consistency and style of the law firm.

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Background for Salvatori responsive web design

Responsive web design for a legal company like the Salvatori Law Office

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All pages design


Web Design

We use only 3 colors. These limits create for us the necessary consistency and style of the law firm. The combination of black, white and gold looks amazing in simple graphics and photos. The web design is intended to make clients focus on the content.

Responsive Website

Salvatori Law Office is incredibly simple to use on any device or platform. Clients with smartphones have the quality level as good as ones who use laptops or tablets.


Perhaps, the top feature of a high quality interface is its simplicity. We took care of every little detail to make visitors feel comfortable and welcome while on the website.

6 unique pages

We set out to develop 6 unique pages for this project. All the pages were made carefully and tastefully in the same style.

Fresh look of Salvatori web design

Fresh look at a classic website