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How to Increase Monthly Traffic By 400% For a CBD Chain With SEO Techniques

SEO Goals & Objectives For a CBD Dispensary Project

When we launched the project, our SEO team aimed for the following:

  • Build a comprehensive focus keyword map for the website
  • Rank at Google Top with existing queries 
  • Attract more organic traffic to the client’s website
  • Get ahead of the competitors in the local searches
  • Achieve top-10 or top-20 at Google with the new queries

List Of SEO Tasks To Meet the Goals

Starting From Scratch: Competitor Analysis 

Unfortunately, many SEO specialists neglect to analyze the client’s niche and competitors' websites. This is not a smart decision as we have to promote the client’s website in the given field and fight for a higher ranking in search results with reputed companies. The competition is tough here, and you need a strong backup to succeed. 

We conducted an in-depth analysis of the competing websites and revealed their strengths and weaknesses. This is the most effective method of building a winning SEO strategy for a local company such as a CBD dispensary network.

Smart structure development is integral to quality website design. This stage is vital for several reasons: Efficient Structure For a CBD Company Website

  • Clear structure improves website usability 
  • Search engines rank websites with simple structure higher
  • You can fit more keywords into a wider structure 

The old website structure was very limited and left no room for a separate page for every product type. We wanted to include more keywords in the focus keyword map. To do that, we needed separate pages for each product category.

Previous website structureNew structure for the website from our SEO specialist

We extended the structure by adding pages about the marijuana types that our client was growing and separate pages for the product categories in the “Our Menu” section. Such a structure allows fitting many keywords and tails into the website content, which is extremely important for fruitful SEO promotion of a local CBD company.

Strong Backlink Profile As a Result Of Thoughtful Link Building & Creating SEO Content For the Website

The niche and competitors analysis revealed some challenges for our team. The top 10 positions were taken over by relatively old websites with high domain authority, many referring domains, and pages. We cannot influence the age of the website, of course, but we can enhance the domain authority for sure. We didn’t focus on the number of links at that time as the quality is much more important here than the number. 

We’ve managed to raise the number of referring domains by 24% since we launched the website. A solid backlink profile instills more confidence among search engines, and that is where we started getting results. With our link building services and content optimization, we achieved the stable, organic growth of incoming links.

Referring domains graph that displays the increase achieved during our workA graph that shows a fast and stable increase of referring pages number

Organic Keywords At Top-3 Increased By 436%

People use different queries for online searches. Website optimization has the greatest impact on the site’s position in the search results page (SERP). The number of keywords on the website defines how many queries will show this given website on SERP. Just one right keyword can generate dozens of similar phrases and word combinations for a website to pop up in search results. 

Thanks to our winning SEO strategy that included creating a wider structure and top-notch SEO content, we achieved our goals. Organic keywords in the top lines of SERP began to increase constantly - and this is not going to stop.

We evaluate the number of organic keywords through Ahrefs data. With more than 200 billion keywords used in the USA, Ahrefs is one of the most popular and efficient tools to track website performance in terms of SEO.

Graph indicates the organic keywords increase throughout our work

Check out the effect of our SEO services for this CBD dispensary chain: their website now ranks in the top-3 for 192 keywords and top-10 for a staggering 506 keywords. Compared to 44 and 147 keywords from before, this result proves the benefits of a smart keyword choice and their proper distribution throughout the website structure for fruitful online promotion.

More Than 340 Queries in Top-10 Ensured the Leading Position In SERPs

Queries number in top-10 and top-20 of the search results are constantly growing now. We managed to put our client in the lead for the essential queries in the desktop and mobile search.


As for now, High Country Healing is leading in SERPs among competitors. The statistics display the relentless growth, but we at Direct Line Development do not stop working on the project. The non-stop technical audits to eliminate all errors and competitor analysis help us develop the promotion strategy further and ensure the leading position for our client.

Organic Traffic Increased By 89% - More Visitors Bring More Sales

More organic keywords on a website mean more quality traffic. We use the top-rated tool to track that - Google Analytics. It gathers all the data concerning website visitors: 

  • the precise number of visitors per given period
  • traffic types 
  • devices used to visit the website 

The graph below displays the growth of general and organic traffic users from the moment of website launch. Check it out - organic traffic stands at 57% of all the website users.

Organic traffic graph displays stats from June 2019 till September 2020

When we track the results of SEO promotion, we pay a lot of attention to the organic traffic because it shows the number of users that came to the website from the search engine result pages. That is the benchmark for promotion in search engines, for it indicated the results of the job done.  

The graph below displays how the last nine months correlate to the previous nine months in terms of organic traffic stats.

Statistic results for organic traffic before & after we started working

Mobile Optimization Is Vital For Higher Ranking 

Developing an easy-to-use mobile version of a website is one of the most significant aspects of SEO promotion today. More and more people around the world prefer to use mobile search, and Google ranks mobile-friendly websites higher. 

Website user analysis by device category revealed that more than 75% use mobile devices to visit the High Country Healing website. The desktop category only got 19%.

Statistics table revealing that the majority of the website visitors use mobile devices

Since mobile search becomes more and more popular, starting from 2019 search engine ranking depends on mobile optimization and usability. It is extremely important to allow mobile users to view your website without making them wait for a page to load or zooming in to make the text readable. 

Obviously, we fully optimized the website for mobile users.

After optimizing, we used Google’s Mobile Friendly Test to check the results

Search console helps to track the key ranking parameters for a website on Google. Check out the results of our work: the client’s website started to rank much higher!

Increase of the clicks and impressions number on a graph

Before the launch of a new version, the website appeared at SERP 4,000 times on average. When we started working, we achieved a dramatic increase by more than 500% - up to 20,000 impressions.

Our Client Is In the Lead In Local Search Results

  • Silverthorne, CO
  • Vail, CO
  • Colorado Springs, CO
  • Avon, CO
  • Alma, CO
  • Silverthorne, CO
  • Vail, CO
  • Colorado Springs, CO
  • Avon, CO
  • Alma, CO

We Left the Competitors Behind In the Local Search

Our client's main competitors are online shops selling marijuana and related goods. From the moment we launched a new site, our client’s website has occupied the top positions in the search results among competitors. The keyword number grows from month to month, which attracts more organic traffic to the website.

Comparison table of queries and traffic for competing websites

Every month, we compare the client’s website ranking for the main keywords with competing websites. It helps us strengthen our client’s position for high-ranking phrases and improve the position for still low-ranking phrases. Altogether, it enhances the website traffic and visibility in search engines.

Comparison table that displays our client’s position in local search for dispensary menus

Google My Business Optimization As Another Source Of Quality Traffic 

Optimizing a Google My Business profile helps to improve the company rank in search results and attract morу traffic to the website. The more details you mention about your services here, the more frequently your website pops up in SERPs. High rating among the competitors inspires trust, and the website gets more clicks. Owing to our thoughtful local SEO services, our client is now in the top position in Local Pack - Several detailed lines of Google SERP with the company’s ratings, contact data, and a picture.

Screenshot of Google SERP that displays our client on the first place in Local Pack

Diagram that displays the website visitors proportion by the queries they used to find itScreenshot of a statistics graph with the most common customer actions throughout the last quarterScreenshot of a statistics graph with the number of photo views throughout the last quarter

A good rating at Google Business is vital for creating the right first impression on visitors. Besides that, search engines pay attention to the company rating among local customers. The more 5-star reviews the company has, the higher reputation it has, and more leads it gets.

Screenshot of reviews statistics for High Country Healing company in Google Business

Want to see the results for the “colorado dispensary menu” search? Check it out!

SERP for “colorado dispensary menu” with our client in the 1st place

Closing Thoughts

We managed to develop a highly successful SEO strategy for this CBD dispensary project. As you can see from the numbers and graphs above, the results are impressive. Structure improvement, smart choice of keyphrases, content optimization, and quality link building have driven quality traffic to the website. As a result, the client is getting more leads and hits the top lines in local search. 

This is what real teamwork is: our SEO specialists cooperate closely with the web development and design departments. You can view their work for High Country Healing in our case study about website design for a marijuana dispensary. Another contributing factor is feedback from the client: quick approvals and comments on the job done. 

We continue SEO for this CBD dispensary project to achieve more for our client. At the moment, we are focusing on developing a blog for the website and adding informative, helpful articles. This will allow us to add more focus keywords to the website and drive more organic traffic through low-frequency queries. 

When you need to upgrade your online presence, let the experts handle your project. At Direct Line Development, we apply customized approaches to every client and go beyond expectations in services and results.

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Ready to get started?

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