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Speak Write Play Attractive Web Page Design

Direct Line Development was tasked with creating attractive and noticeable web page design for the company, Speak Write Play. We were briefed with creating a functional and effective landing page for the private English teacher. Our main task and function was to create a landing page that would convert visitors into paying customers. They needed the highest conversion rate possible and we were happy to help with that task.
Speak Write Play Prototyping

Prototyping – The Importance of the Web Page Design Process

When it comes to our prototyping process for web page design, we need to ensure that sites are designed in a way that it is quick and easy for visitors and potential clients to find the information they need right on the landing page. That is why at Direct Line Development, we ensure that landing page visitors will find everything they need as quickly as possible. This includes testimonials, key benefits to using the company, a feedback button should they want to share their experience, and a video presentation that will provide a level of trust for potential clients.

Corporate identity

Our client has a corporate element - a blue and green circle, so we will use its colors and elements while creating the landing page.
Speak Write Play

Home page design

Speak Write Play Result
Main advantages
Reflects the essence of the services provided.
Video presentation
Significantly increases the users' confidence.
Feedback button
An essential element of any Landing Page

Responsive Web Design for This Eye-Catching Landing Page

Responsive web design is all about making sure a web page, or in this case, a landing page, looks amazing on all devices, whether the user is using a laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone or smart television. It should also work seamlessly with all the different kinds of web browsers. Load times should be prompt and navigation should be effortless. Graphics and text should display perfectly across browsers and devices. We believe that we managed to achieve all of this for Speak Write Play’s landing page.
Speak Write Play on iPhone
Speak Write Play on iPad


Web Page Design
This web page design was about being informative and eye-catching. We only needed to include the most basic and important information, which we need. This makes sure that users immediately understand the business or services that Speak Write Play offer.
Responsive Web Design
Direct Line Development has ensured that this responsive web design looks and works great on all kinds of devices. In turn, a responsive website can work to significantly increase conversions and increase our customer’s bottom line. It is the perfect combination!
Corporate Identity
Corporate identity is important for any website. It’s what customers associate with your business and remember you by and serves as your branding. The entire landing page for Speak Write Play has been designed as a stylistic continuation of the business’s logo and in turn, customers associate it with brand recognition easier and quicker. In other words, the company remains top of mind of both current and potential customers.
Web Page Design
Landing pages are all about good conversion and web page design plays a big role here. We have helped the company achieve a better conversion rate with a competent alignment of elements and semantic accents on their landing page.
Speak Write Play

Fresh and Clear


Ethleen Sawyerr

I am beyond pleased with the level of professionalism, and the caliber of work produced by Direct Line Development in creating a landing page for my business. Anna walked me through the entire process, and offered honest, constructive feedback to help me make the best decisions regarding the final product. I would recommend using Direct Line Development for all of your business or personal web development needs

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