Steiner, Segal, Muller, and Donan’s Website

Modern Web Design for Steiner, Segal, Muller, and Donan’s Website

The company of Steiner, Segal, Muller, and Donan is focused on assisting with claiming worker’s compensation and assisting clients with the complicated process of social security disability law. The company’s work consists of legal assistance for both disabled and injured members of the public. They have been assisting injured workers for more than three decades. Direct Line Development was tasked with a brief for modern web design that clearly conveys their service offerings and how the firm operates. We needed to provide as much information as possible while highlighting their key messages with the aim of improving or growing their clientele. We made sure that they would be the go-to company for worker’s compensation and social security disability issues.
SSM&D Prototyping

Modern Web Design for a Prestigious Legal Firm

Just as we always do at Direct Line Development, we began preparing various prototypes for modern web design for all sections of the website. During this phase, we work tirelessly with our clients to fully understand their business, their goals, and what they would like to achieve with their website. We employ the latest techniques and tactics to ensure the site will be viewed favorably by search engines. Which in turn makes it easier to find for potential clients. We also ensure the site is easy to navigate, easy to load, and easy to read.

We Created an Attractive and Responsive Website

What exactly is a responsive website? Simply put, it is one that meets the most important and essential requirements of modern web design – to appear clean and effortless on any device that has access to the internet, whether you are using a PC, a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet, or even a smart television. It should load effortlessly and neatly on any web browser. A responsive site means anyone can view it anywhere and are not inhibited by poor graphics, poor layout, or slow loading times.
SSM&D on iPhone
SSM&D on iPad

Excellent results

SSM&D Result
Large pictures & headlines
Clearly demonstrate the sphere of work and key features of the company.
Integrated  Google Maps
With a display of the company's three office locations
Free Consultation
Module for fast and free consultations by email.
SSM&D ScreenshotSSM&D ScreenshotSSM&D ScreenshotSSM&D ScreenshotSSM&D ScreenshotSSM&D ScreenshotSSM&D ScreenshotSSM&D ScreenshotSSM&D Screenshot


Web Design
Being a legal firm, this site needed to be particularly informative. Besides the usual standard pages, Direct Line Development also created a blog section along with an information module version of the Frequently Asked Questions section. It’s a little different to the norm and works really well for this client in terms of modern web design.
Responsive Website
The Steiner, Segal, Muller, and Donan site is incredibly easy to use on any mobile device – phone or tablet. There is absolutely no sacrifice to user experience, making it a highly responsive website.
Modern Web Design
This firm offers free consultations, so to add to the modern web design, we created a module for free and fast consultations via email. So potential clients don’t have to worry about remembering addresses or entering too much information. It’s that easy!
Web Page Design
The modern web design for this firm included calm colors, contrasting headlines, and large photos to clearly demonstrate the range of work and the company’s key features.

Helpfull & Informative