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Creating a Responsive Design Website

The Belles Group, an Intellectual Property Firm, approached Direct Line Development, to create a responsive design for their website. We were tasked with highlighting the company’s main offerings which include Copyrights, Patents, Trade Secrets, and Trademarks. That’s why we ensured that these important elements were brought to the very first screen of the website. We decided to design them in a slider format and then duplicate them below in a more basic and informative design. This was to ensure that visitors could access the site quickly and get a thorough understanding of the company’s offerings. Whether visitors are using a netbook, this works across all devices, including cell phones, PCs, or laptops.

Prototyping and Modern Web Design

No matter who our client is, we always begin by defining the target audience and a few scenarios of their potential behaviors when they land on the website. Based on these determinations, we begin the modern web design of prototypes of future pages that we develop and thoroughly test. We involve the client during the entire phase, to ensure that they are completely satisfied with the prototypes. Once tested, the prototypes with the best conversion rate are the ones that are then passed on to the design stage of the process.
The Belles Group PrototypeThe Belles Group PrototypeThe Belles Group PrototypeThe Belles Group PrototypeThe Belles Group PrototypeThe Belles Group PrototypeThe Belles Group Prototype
The Belles Group

Responsive Design for Busy People

A website just cannot be considered modern these days if it does not have a responsive design. That is why Direct Line Development has designed The Belles Group website according to responsive norms and standards. We have ensured that the site looks amazing on all mobile and desktop devices. It loads quickly and neatly and is super-easy to navigate.
The Belles Group on iPhone
The Belles Group on iPad
The Belles Group Result
The Belles Group ScreenshotThe Belles Group ScreenshotThe Belles Group ScreenshotThe Belles Group ScreenshotThe Belles Group ScreenshotThe Belles Group ScreenshotThe Belles Group Screenshot


Modern Web Design
For The Belles Group, we had to create a modern web design for eight unique pages. We drew up eight internal pages and chose a design for each page that would visually and very clearly convey important information of each section.
Responsive Design
The Belles Group website offers highly responsive design so it looks great on screens in any size and with any web browser. It also works well on all kinds of mobile devices.
Modern Web Design
This website required very clear design. Our modern web design for the client has been made in a classical style with a minimalistic approach. We have used contrasting and calming colors that help people with impaired vision to use the site effortlessly. We feel that we achieved this task.
Web Design Focused On Tasks
The idea of this client’s website is to focus on tasks. We made sure that there were no redundant features, which in turn allows users to quickly familiarize themselves with the site and focus on the information that they are looking for. Modern web design helps visitors navigate the site with ease.
The Belles Group

Clear and Focused

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