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Creative logo for the YouTube channel This Side Up

Prototyping for This Side Up

How did we create a logo design for the children's channel This Side Up

To develop a creative logo, we usually start with a brainstorming session, reviewing a plenty of different ideas. Since This Side Up is about the unboxing toys like Transformers, Star Wars, Lego toys by Hasbro and others, it was necessary to design a logo reflecting the essence of the channel. Next, the first sketches of the future logo were created. The initial search for graphic ideas and the development of sketches for the creative logo takes place in a black and white version. This maximum tone contrast is the most difficult technique in the composition. Contrasting forms allow you to achieve the most pronounced clear lines and help to identify weaknesses of design and flaws in the composition. Then a rigorous selection and detailed work with sketches begins. Of the many variants of sketches, we have settled on five concepts.

Final version of design for This Side Up channel

Final version of the creative logo to a YouTube unboxing channel

This Side Up

Color solution of the logo for This Side Up

This Side UpThis Side UpThis Side UpThis Side Up

Logo creation for an unboxing toys YouTube channel

As a result, we got a bright creative logo, corresponding to the fun playful character of the children's YouTube channel. The correct color solutions and well-designed forms of the logo made it recognizable and attractive to potential viewers. Our high-grade designers will kindly create a corporate creative logo that will help your business look more professional and trustworthy. They are always ready to provide you with an individual solution. All your wishes and desires will be taken into account and realized.

This Side Up
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Great Result


Animation of the logo

To ensure that for the little viewers of the channel the logo was even more attractive, we provided it with an amusing animation in the form of a funny box, hiding inside a lot of interesting things.

Transmission of the essence of the channel

Since the design of the creative logo was made for the children's channel of unboxing and reviewing toys, this fact could not be ignored in the development. Our task was to create the best logo design, that would immediately be associated with a children's channel when you look at it.

Bright and easy to remember

Children love bright colors, so the color solution was an important step in creating this logo. Correctly selected colors in a compartment with elaborate forms made the creative logo very individual and memorable.

Custom Logo

While we were creating this logo design, not only all the features of the customer's field of activity, without which it is impossible to create a quality product, were taken into account, but also the attention was paid for the individual preferences of the customer.