Responsive website

Creating a web design for the professional photographer Anya Kay

Direct Line Development was tasked with creating a responsive web design for the professional photographer Anya Kay. Anya Kay is photographer capturing memorable moments in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Anya Kay absolutely loves what she does! She knows one thing - when you love what you do, you bring happiness not only to yourself, but to everyone around you. She believes in real emotions, sincere laughs and beauty that shines from within. She gave us a challenge to develop a website that highlights services the photographer provides and, at the same time, can function as portfolio page. The main task was to give full information about the photographer to visitors of the website and to demonstrate her best works. The task was set, the task was perfectly done. We also used intricate SEO services to help the site rank higher in the search engines and bring in more traffic.

two different ways to design

Anya Kay of Design
Anya Kay  Version of Design

Responsive Web Design for a professional photographer

Anya Kay on iPhone
Anya Kay on MacBook

All Page Design

Peculiarities of the homepage design

version for video



Peachy-keen slider effect

We create a showy photo effect in the header for Anya Kay’s website. When users visit the homepage they can see the logo entering against photo and vertical split slider with high-grade pictures, and taking photos performs afterwards.

Responsive Website

We built Anya Kay’s website that is truly easy to use on any devices and platform. Clients who browse the site through their smartphones experience the same quality level as laptop or tablet users.

Modern technology

This website was developed with up to date means and new technoloсal capabilities like HTML 5 and CSS 3 so the completed product was up to modern quality. Hense, website is fast, responsive and creative.


You simply cannot have an active website these days without SEO. Our search engine optimization services have ensured that the Anya Kay’s website is fully optimized with sophisticated strategies and techniques to improve the ranking results of the site.