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Responsive website

Fully-functional website for a professional auto repair company

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Old web design of Collex home pageOld web design of Collex service pageOld web design of Collex article page

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New web design of Collex home pageNew web design of Collex service pageNew web design of Collex websiteNew web design of Collex blog page

search visibility
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Responsive website for Collex Collision Experts

Having a solid online presence today is essential. Websites should correspond to the standards of contemporary web design and web development. Mobile users should experience the same speeds as they would visiting the website from their desktops without sacrificing quality. At Direct Line Development, advanced usability is at the top of our list. We always create modern responsive websites with top-notch design and advanced usability. Our designers and developers put all their skills and knowledge into this website building process. We followed the same color scheme but designed this particular website brighter and simplified its structure to make it more attractive and eye-catching. We developed 3 different concepts for our client to choose from that best supported the company’s business needs.

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Main Page Design

An up-to-date design of a website should be simple and well-structured for better user pages navigation.  All excessive elements should be reduced to the minimum. This is our golden rule we stick to during any design process. The site was designed in a way to help their current or potential clients focus on the services they want to get. To improve the visual aspects of the website we added a plain animation to blocks and buttons. On the homepage, designers introduced a scroll drawing effect that creates two red lines growing down the page as the user scroll down the page. A blurry effect was applied to the pictures with all the pictures being digitally edited and all the information arranged in a specific order. This made the website compact and readable. The site structure at large corresponds to the standards of user experience which gives visitors a clear understanding of how the website works and where they can find the needed information. At Direct Line we proud ourselves in knowing how to create the right design for your website that will have a smart look and will be easy to use.

To start your business online is a great idea to make it more profitable and we at Direct Line Development know how to create a contemporary website designed and developed to achieve your business goals. We are a team of professional web designers and web developers that has 16 years of experience. We have a wide range of services for you to offer such as a design solution for your website to direct customers’ attention to your business.

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All Page Design

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14-page website

The compact website design allows you to easily access the desired page section. Thus, navigation is not confusing for users.  We developed 14 unique pages following the same style to add a harmonious appearance to the site.


The first thing that jumps out at you when you are entering the website is bright and lightweight color scheme. In addition to it, scroll and blurry effects plus light animation complete the site composition.


Our team of professional designers selected photos and edited them in order to adapt to the website’s color scheme and company style. The main feature is two red lines which should be associated with the company.


Responsive website version is the first step to a successful website promotion. Nowadays, many companies must embrace it.. A responsive website is the key to success for any website. And for us providing our clients with the best mobile responsive designs it’s not only our duty, but our passion.  This site displays the exact same quality on mobile devices as well as on desktops, so no matter where you decide to open up this website your experience will always be the same.

Great result - Collex Collision Experts Case Study

Modern web design for auto repair company