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If you have a website (e-commerce system, landing page or whatever) and want to promote it in Philadelphia, you need search engine optimization. Responsive and user-friendly web design, correct usage of keywords and other criteria are very important. Optimization of a site is significant and difficult, that’s why it is necessary to consult with a professional.

Search Engine Optimization Company Services in Philadelphia

The modern SEO strategy is a very interesting process, and requires a lot of hard work to get great results. The purpose of SEO is to improve the overall quality of a website in accordance of Search engines standards. If you work on your site and its optimization, you will improve the site’s position in the top of the search engine rankings. Website traffic is increased by various activities: technical optimization, registration with the map services and in social networks, promotion of key queries, search engine optimization (SEO). All these activities will increase your presence on the Internet.

Direct Line Development  is one of the few firms who guarantees your website will get on the first page of Google search. Our company can effectively promote your website at an affordable price. We understand needs of the local businesses. Besides, our firm has practical experience in SEO, as well as in the creation of custom web design and web development. Our experts (developers, designers, copywriters, seo and marketing specialists) are highly professional and skillful. We are not fans of offshoring and outsourcing - and all of our staff is in-house. Furthermore, we find that we offer affordable pricing to all businesses.

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There are several steps of search engine marketing that we follow in our daily work. First of all, we analyse your business. After that we build a semantic core - a list of words and phrases that people use to find your site on the web. If you have already had a website, we perform its detailed technical search audit, as well as detect and eliminate the main reasons for the abnormal website indexation. Then comes technical optimization. It is usually performed only once before the promotion starts. Next, working on a website content with the help from our copywriters and your managers starts. All the texts should be unique and include key words and word combinations. Then we optimize the site according to other demands of search engines and display it on the top of search engines result pages. It is also necessary to make the site stay in high positions. That’s why we always analyse the traffic quality and monitor users behaviour starting from logging on to placing an order or calling a company. And the last step is analysis again.

As you can see, our agency is an expert of search engine optimization. So, there should be no doubts whether to choose our services or not. They will cost you a little, but bring you a lot of excellent results. Please note that our best developers, designers, copywriters and other specialists will be happy to create a custom solution for you and promote your website irrespective of its type (landing page, e-commerce resource, etc.).