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Classic Google titles should include 200-550-pixel width - it is about 30-60 characters. If the title is bigger, it will be truncated at the nearest word break.

With the help of special tools, you can optimize your title meta tag to make it more SEO friendly and boost the organic traffic to your site through clicks. A special tool developed by our web development company will show you the preview of your title tag in the search results, analyze your title length, and provide changes if needed.

What Is a Title Tag?

A title tag is an HTML code that specifies the title of a site or document. It is an essential part of every snippet in search engine result pages (SERPs). Title tag also contains brief information about the page's content. It looks like a clickable heading in SERPs that should attract users to click on the link leading to the web page. The title tag is important for both user experience and SEO.

Where Is the Text of the Title Tag Displayed?

If we were to get technical, the title tag is an important part of the HTML code that is placed at the top part of a web page. The importance of this meta tag cannot be underestimated; these 60 characters must attract as many users at your site as possible so you can rank higher and promote faster. Use our Title Preview Tool to learn more about your meta titles.

  • Google Search (SERPs) - The¬†main link that people click on¬†in search engine result pages. It¬†is the¬†title tag¬†that determines whether a¬†user will go¬†to the¬†site to¬†learn more about the¬†product or¬†services or¬†click away in¬†search of¬†a more interesting one.
  • Social Sites - Different social networks (FB, LinkedIn, etc) can¬†use your title tag¬†to show from which resource they take the¬†information for¬†their posts.
  • Browser Tab - Title tag¬†placed at¬†the top¬†of your browser window when there are¬†lots of¬†tabs. A¬†memorable heading ensures your website's name and¬†content won't be¬†lost in¬†the sea¬†of similar resources. It¬†is also used when you¬†put a¬†web page to¬†your favorites or¬†share the¬†link.¬†
  • External Links - Title tags can¬†also be¬†used by¬†other people in¬†their text to¬†link to¬†your site's content. To¬†show the¬†source of¬†information they are¬†sharing, they will use¬†external links with your site‚Äôs heading as¬†the name of¬†the resource.

The image showing where is the text of the title tag displayed in different pages

Why Are Title Tags Important?

Title tag is one of the most important parts of the website, so don't neglect its importance. Other meta tags are also important, but they don't have the same effect on your SEO. To achieve great results in Google SERP rankings, you need to check title tags for the attractiveness to customers, relevance, and whether they can attract new organic traffic. Use the title tag preview tool to see how your tags will appear in Google pages.

7 Tips for Creating an Effective Title

  • Make it¬†short ‚Äď Use¬†title tag¬†preview tool to¬†make sure that your heading won't truncate at¬†the most important part. Check meta tags for¬†character limits (ex. no¬†more than 60¬†characters for¬†the title). After analyzing thousands of¬†pages, we¬†realized that SERP truncates based on¬†character count, as¬†well as¬†pixel width.
  • Keywords ‚Äď Use¬†only relevant keywords for¬†your website, but¬†be careful, don't overuse them. Keyword spamming won't help you¬†promote your web¬†page. Remember that you¬†do it¬†for the¬†clients, not¬†for search engines.
  • Put¬†the keyword first ‚Äď The¬†position of¬†the keywords in¬†meta tags is¬†very important. Google SERPs will value sites containing tags where the¬†first word is¬†the keyword more.
  • Relevance ‚Äď Check title tag¬†for relevance. It¬†should be¬†relevant and¬†contain a¬†brief description of¬†your web¬†page.
  • Uniqueness ‚Äď Choose a¬†unique title tag¬†for every page of¬†your website. It¬†will mark the¬†page for¬†search engines and¬†clients and¬†give them a¬†good understanding of¬†its content.
  • Attractiveness ‚Äď Check title tag¬†from the¬†marketing perspective. Does it¬†look attractive to¬†clients? Does it¬†create the¬†perfect first impression on¬†your site? Make sure that your title tag¬†stands out¬†among the¬†multitude of¬†other headings.
  • Don't go¬†overboard with keywords in¬†the title tag¬†‚Äď To¬†make your title attractive, use¬†one or¬†two keywords in¬†it. If¬†your heading looks like a¬†list of¬†keywords, people won't click on¬†it and¬†search engines won't rank your site. So, use¬†a couple of¬†the most popular keywords and¬†check the¬†title tag¬†twice.

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