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Visit a few sites and you will easily be able to tell the difference between upscale modern website design that is easy to navigate and offers clear messages, and the old sites that don’t offer very much. Which do you think your visitors and customers would prefer? We are offering our services in Philadelphia and Denver region.

There are so many sites out there that do not adhere to any sort of usability guidelines and design principles, or even have very little actual design theory involved. When we design a website, we place particular emphasis on alignment, focus, balance, legibility, and, more importantly, simplicity. That’s what makes our websites stand out from the rest. Furthermore, the way your website looks is probably more important than you realize. In fact, studies have reported that the majority of online users do not trust websites that are poorly designed. Think of the market you could potentially be excluding just based on the design of your website.

Professional Website Design is Critical for Success

All the years of professionalism and experience your business may have worked hard to attain, can mean absolutely nothing to a user, if it is not reflected in a professional website design. A skilled web design team will understand how important this phenomenon is, and they will see the correlation between a professional website design and the level of trust perceived by your users. That is why we strive to build websites that keep this in mind and sites that will keep visitors interested and engaged in your offerings. Related MaterialsWhat is Custom Web Design?What is Custom Web Design?

When you invest in a professional design agency’s services, you are not only investing in great website design and all the benefits a professional visual design has to offer; you are also investing in the agency’s wealth of knowledge and best practice principles, that in turn affect the user experience. Visitors tend to get frustrated when they are unable to quickly access and navigate through the information they were seeking for, or not able to easily order a product. If your audience becomes frustrated, they will eventually leave and will not send any business your way. That is why a great website design will include keeping users engaged while they enjoy their experiencing browsing through your site. The more pleasant the visit is, the longer they will stay.

This is where the visual look of website starts to take shape. The designer will envision a variety of creative artwork prototypes to allow the client to choose the look they want:

Color schemeChoosing a relevant color scheme based on cient brief and research
LogoCreating the logo and other branding elements
ArtworkDesigning artwork such as sliders and header images
Visual ElementsDesigning the website's visual elemts such as buttons
TypographyChoosing appropriate font families, sizes and other properties
Rich MediaCreating required rich media such as animations
User ExperienceTesting design's user experience
Cross-Device compatibilityTesting design's compatibility between different devices
Prototype templatesCreating prototype templates for client presentation

    A visually appealing website will affect the way the public perceive your business. The more they trust you, the more likely they are to do business with you. Don’t leave your audience confused about how to access your website. Design a website that is user friendly, informative, and easy to navigate.

    A few benefits of new website design include:

    • Global marketing
    • Improved performance and credibility
    • Market expansion thanks to e-commerce
    • A site that is accessible 24 hours
    • More flexible than print advertising
    • Ample growth opportunities
    • Branding and advertising
    • Added value and customer satisfaction
    • You can be found in search rankings
    • Communicative, engaging marketing


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