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Mobile design is no problem nowadays. Modern tools and developments allow our Web Development Agency in Philadelphia and Denver to create your website. Contact us if you want your own custom mobile friendly website to bring more customers to your business. Our company offers services which can solve your mobile website issues. We are offering our services in Denver and Philadelphia region.

Mobile Website Design Tips

In the quest to find information, consumers are increasingly relying on mobile Internet, so now more than ever it is important for companies to be adequately represented. But what makes a good mobile site? Our Mobile Friendly Design and Development company can answer this question because we have experienced professionals in the field of Mobile Web development. We have conducted a study in which users interacted with a mobile sites with various designs. Our goal is to use the best technology and research in the field of mobile web design to help us create the best possible mobile websites.

Homepage and Navigation in Mobile Design

Desktop main pages are usually used for home page, messaging, and advertising all in one. But the Mobile Design of the main page for devices should focus on how to direct users to the content they are looking for. We have outlined some principles of main page design, which quickly give users what they need.

Call to Action Buttons. Mobile users can easily skip some menu items, so main "calls to action" should be located where users will not miss them. Research has proven that the easiest way to make the user perform a task on Mobile Websites was to have the main "call to action" prominently displayed and to make the home page secondary or beneath the scroll line. "Calls to Action" on mobile pages are likely to be different from the desktop versions, so we try to put ourselves in the user's place and find the perfect place for them. Take a look at the examples of the Mobile Designs we have already developed.

Menu Should be Short and Attractive. Advanced menus work well for desktop versions of the websites, but mobile users do not have the patience to scroll through long lists of options while searching for necessary content. We think about how to reduce the number of menu items in the best way, and make it comfortable for mobile users. For example, when working on a site for a large supermarket, we compressed product categories on the mobile website so the list became mobile friendly.

Easy Navigation. When mobile users are browsing your site, they need an easy way to get back to the main page while site surfing. We plan mobile design of the sites with that in mind.

The Importance of Mobile Design Today

Mobile users prefer results-oriented websites. They expect that the site will allow them to get quick, easy, and appropriate information. To make our mobile websites successful, we design them considering the needs of users, regardless of the content.

According to statistics:

  • Every fourth resident of the United States has one or several mobile devices;
  • Over the past 3 years queries from mobile devices have increased by 400%, and this number is growing every year.
  • Each third request to the sites is made from a mobile friendly device.


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