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Web design trends of 2018 in an Era of UX/UI design

Before talking about web design trends in 2018, we should recognize the fact that UX and UI design rules dominate the web design world today. While a UX designer plans how a user interacts with a website and what steps it takes, the UI designer's work is to visualize each step. Generally, UX/UI designer is one specialist who carries all these processes out. Our Professional UX/UI designers always focus on what the trends are today to make the most of their skills and achieve optimal results.

Tendencies change within minutes, and what looked bold and grand a year ago appears to be template-like today. Most developers left static behind for dynamic because of the influence of mobile devices. VR-experience also had its impact on web design trends. But, despite this digital design trend fuss, we highlight below some that can help your website stand out.

Mobile experience

We stepped into the age of mobile devices and web designers Related MaterialsThe 7 Steps to Choosing the Right Web Design Company In PhiladelphiaThe 7 Steps to Choosing the Right Web Design Company In Philadelphia  didn’t disregard that. Some of them started to build their sites using mobile-first principle. It is easily can be predicted that, eventually, the mobile-first principle will become not just web design trend 2018, but an indivisible part of a web development core. In recent years, the mobile traffic overtook desktop. Mobile users spend less time online and prefer visiting the top sites of search results, meanwhile, PC users can take more time for searching for the needed information. This means that successful mobile-first principle should have a good search engine optimization and be comfortable and understandable for users. First and foremost, these websites should be engaging with high-quality content.

This principle has several advantages:

  • One website for all devices.
  • High quality content.
  • Fast site speed, even on slow internet connection.
  • Usable interface for mobile.
  • Top positions in search engines.

Mobile-first design for Rooney website

Voice search – time of non-visual interface

We can’t imagine our lives without our gadgets. We use them everywhere and anywhere, even on-the-go when typing is a quite hard task to do. Our user life became much easier with voice empowered interfaces. The popularity and improvement of such services lead to the growth of voice search and made it a web design trend of 2018 . When your request sounds like “show me the fitness centers”, the voice assistants like Siri, knowing your location, understand it as “the fitness centers near me” If you look at the Google trend statistics you, can see that “near me” as a search result is becoming more and more popular. The system is far from perfect and needs to be polished because voice search requires instant and proper search results. But it is the matter of time, at this stage, it performs well in its segment, though.  

Cinemagraphs – motion magic inside the static

Cinemagraphs are GIF-like pictures where a secondary element is animated and surrounded by the static background which creates an illusion of video. This feature is not new, though. But in 2015 some moves restyled its reputation both among designers and users. Today, this effect keeps picking up the speed and social media is literally is overwhelmed with cinemagraphs and developers should take it on board. This web design trend of 2018 dazzles users making them stay on the page for a longer time. At Direct Line Development we are experts with years of experience and would gladly implement animation to your website for whatever the purpose may be

Animated video for Tenberg web design

Typography is stronger in color and shape

Typography is back in web design trends of 2018. It is in the league of its own because it bears not only visual function but informational one. At the present, textual content matters and just like a picture is worth a thousand words as the old adage says, textual content is worth a thousand photos. Typography can evoke associations with the company from the user just as well or even better than pictures. Speaking of Facebook, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? The F which is their logo. Many big companies like Google and Facebook spend a great deal of money on unique fonts to make it a part of their brand identity. Creating a Logo Design that can interest users is something all major companies focus on. Modern designers use fonts very liberally and it also seems that well thought out headers and structured information blocks make typography the king. 

Salvatori website with classic web design

Aesthetic influence of symmetry and asymmetry

The visual impact of websites plays an essential part in drawing the attention of users. Web designers strive to make the most of the tools they have available. The main point of design for professionals is to come up with balance in the interface. Symmetry is quite noticeable in the majority of websites. Some consider it commonplace design but it is time tested and is one of the best practices for designs today. Symmetry means perfectionism and aesthetic. Asymmetry, in its turn, provides designers with more space for maneuver and leaves a far greater impact.

Symmetry web design for Woodwell website


Parallax came on the scene when 3D effects were the hottest new trend and web designers began to adopt something similar in web design. Though parallax vanished for several years under the tide of the new trends of the day, it is a never-say-die web design trend that is gaining popularity again. It gives off a 3D effect and the sense of the depth to the website. It is achieved by movement of the background in the web page at a slower rate than the foreground. A website with a small amount of content is a convenient ground for parallax design.

Animated video for Xpress web design

Minimalism VS Maximalism

Minimalism is a strategy serving to simplify interfaces by eliminating excessive elements of web design and content unless these elements improve the interaction with website. Functionality and tool minimizing can influence UI and a website’s content quality.

Simple web development for Collex websiteSimple web development for Evolut website

Minimalism seemed to be the king of the hill last few years in web design. However, maximalism stands closer and closer to it with each day. Websites, where maximalism dominates, are designed progressively. It is down to both the fashion and the need in posting more information. These are very important factors to consider when creating a business website that succeeds

VR/AR experience

Web design soaks up new tendencies like a sponge from different spheres  It adopts lots of ideas from fashion, movies, games and that makes websites look little futuristic and unique. As a result, virtual reality and augmented reality are a creeping web design trend of 2018. WebVR is also coming down the line and becoming the mainstream. Up to date browsers allows WebVR directly work with terminals such as Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, etc. This system has mandatory uniform standards for browser creators, a hardware solution, and content developers. This allows for the eluding problems with choosing browser and hardware. Plus the main advantage of WebVR is that you get all you need directly from the browser and you don’t need to waste your time on downloading apps and content.

Bottom line

Design is a mental process limited by nothing else but vision and skillset of a designer. That being said, trends are the features that are dominating all others at a specific time. They can be easily foreseen because most of them are just a new take on previous or old trend. These web design trends of 2018 outlined above are the most interesting in our opinion. It’s also important to follow latest SEO trends and in doing so your website will be on the top of Google search engines. Having applied at least one of this trends will make your website stand out from the rest. If you want your website to shine and stand apart a good mix of those will bring more traffic and draw your target audience’s attention. If you are looking for a team of professionals, you always can rely on Direct Line Development and if you think that we’ve missed something important let us know and leave a comment and we will get back to you quickly.


Why did MySpace fail when Facebook flourished? Why do people like Macs more than PCs? It's the feel. People want to use something that feels good, that's ergonomic in their hand. It's no surprise that the largest trends in this year, or most any, are the experience. Oh and come on, who isn't excited about augmented reality websites? Oh...it's just me.

Does your website do a good job at representing your brand? Who's coming into your website? What do they want to see? What do we want them to see and do? How much time will they spend? Does it interact well with them? These are the types of question you should be asking yourself when you own a website... A good design tackles all these questions and more... Will they remember you? Will they come back? Did they have a good experience?

These trends are great things to provide your customers with a unique experience. Always good to be remembered!

The day when we will be able to browse the web with our eyewear isn't as far as we think. It is definitely a smart idea to start optimizing for the future. VR/AR is going to be big in 2018, can't wait to experience it for myself.

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