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Website Design Ideas in Philadelphia

Business website design ideas may not be the easiest thing in the world to come up with. Not only do you need inspiration from your brand and target audience, but you also need to choose the right graphic or images, to help build on your website design ideas. We are offering our services in the greater Philadelphia region.

Today, websites are imperative forms of advertising your business. With a web presence, you can access millions of potential customers around the world, all without printing or postage costs! However, many people think designing a site is on par with building your own computer – a complete mystery. That’s where Direct Line Development’s years of expertise in web design can help ensure you have the perfect site that entices customers, keeps them coming back, and ensures you are ranking at the top of search engine results.

How Can You Find Web Design Inspiration for Your Business Website?

From hundreds of templates, to an incredible graphic or two, there are tons of business website design ideas out there. Your website isn’t merely a place for potential customers to find out about your business, and possibly make purchases. It is really the face of your business, part of your online marketing plan and so much more. That’s why web design inspiration can be daunting. The good news is Direct Line Development has years of experience developing high quality, professional websites that rank among the top search engine results and ensure your customers enjoy using your site so much that they keep coming back, and hopefully buying!

The web development phase converts the creative vision into reality. This is where the developer builds the website's functionality based on feature requirements and goals:

Accessibility and Web standardsEstablishing full accessibility and web standards such as AODA
FrameworkChoosing a development framework and/or CMS
DatabaseDesigning the database structure needed for website content
FunctionalityImplementing functionality for required features
ContentIntegrating the client content within the website
Site PerformanceEnsuring proper websites access speed and performance
SecurityImplementing security features
MarkupImplementing required markup for SEO, Social Media and others

With our range of professional website design templates, you can gain a wealth of inspiration, ideas, and graphic design website ideas, to help you pick the perfect site. Getting people to visit your site is just one step, though. You want your business to succeed, and you want returning visitors. We can add e-commerce platforms to your store with a range of features to help entice customers to buy more from you. We can also incorporate exit overlays to help gain customer feedback, contribute to improving customer service and encourage interaction. A professional website for your business will also include protection of your business data from outside hacks and other similar threats.

Whether you want to use your website as a marketing tool, or any other part of your business’s plan, there are a few things you will need to try out that may not work. It’s all about trial and error. The good news is we know what works. Once we have an understanding of your business, your goals, and your target market, we can help create the perfect website for your business.

Some elements worth avoiding for your business website include:

  • Busy or flashy website design templates
  • Graphic design website ideas that lack a clear call to action
  • Paying too little or too much for your web design inspiration
  • Out of date, stale content that doesn’t fit your website design ideas
  • Trying to target and please everyone with your website design
  • Taking the DIY web design route
  • Not providing enough information about your business
  • Not encouraging feedback and engagement
  • Lack of clear design and placement
  • Ambiguous graphics