Answorld is a Mobile App We Developed

Answorld is a Mobile App We Developed

Our Mobile Application - Answorld

Here is one of our mobile development projects. This is the first mobile application in which we have implemented support for Apple Watch. What I think - the Answorld app is great. It is an entertaining mobile application built for iOS that can answer any of your questions. 

Sometimes, you may be thinking about the answer to a question which actually is not very important or maybe it does not matter at all what the answer is. Why don't you let an application make decisions for you? Everything is fast, easy, and fun. Try it!

Our mobile app development

You can find a vast collection of pictures which can fit for any occasion as well as lots of interesting answers to all of your questions, no matter what are you interested in. You can ask this mobile app about anyone, about anything you want and get the answer immediately.

Answorld Mobile App Design

While we have been working on the application development, we got a different experience and new impression. We had to find out what format of an app should it be because our goal to achieve was the development of a mobile app which will be not only good looking on the big Apple Watch screen, but also the App which will have all the necessary basic functions for the iPhone version.

Process of Mobile app development

After finishing the iPhone version of an App we made the decision to extend Answorld to a version for watchOS. First of, all we analyzed what difficulties we would encounter during the app extention, but it was essential for us to pay more of our attention to the emerging opportunities rather than on the difficulties.

Mobile app for iPhone and Apple WatchMobile app development process in Direct Line Development

You can see the Answorld Case for more App designs in our portfolio.