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Mobile design | How to choose a great idea for an application?

Mobile design | How to choose a great idea for an application?

Mobile design for applications

Any search process is very time-consuming, especially when it comes time to choose an idea. Mobile applications, in the wake of the mass-move from desktop to mobile devices, are in high demand. Many entrepreneurs are seeing a particular market idleness in this sphere, sense the opportunity that awaits in trying something new. As such, they begin actively thinking of and creating new applications.  Just with all search processes, the result will only come about after a conceived. To better understand the directions in which one must take their search, we propose that they begin their search for the result they wish to achieve.

The most popular application's mobile designs are aimed at solving a particular problem in which users face. Whether it is communication, a table reservation in a public place, delivery of food or other goods, all of these problems or situations have a solution. However, many applications try to provide a solution to a problem that the user doesn’t have. And these applications are, as a rule, unpopular. Consequently, try to solve a problem that has not been resolved or was only partially solved.

A convenient ecommerce website for mobile devices

Of course, we can not add entertainment applications to this rule. Only one formula works with them, which is - beautiful graphics + animation + idea = the best application. It can not have complicated logic. It can be so simple that every student would say " I could create this myself",  but it must certainly have an excellent picture and a catchy idea.

Remaking of favorite game's mobile design is effective

Whether it is monopoly, checkers or chess - if you’ve found a game that has not been adapted to be played on a mobile device yet, or it was not adapted well, this is what you need to make.

If you have researched a lot of problems and popular games, but a new application idea still has not come to mind, forget your active search and try to create improvements to existing applications.

Modern and simple mobile application design

For example, you may notice that Instagram doesn’t have a function of creating a collage or a search function by geoposition. After this analysis of your favorite applications, you may find the solution of similar problems in other applications. However, it does not mean that they are ideal. Each creator sees the product in his way, so you just need to try to find points that bother you or functionality that they lack.

The constantly evolving technologies empower developers to get ahead of the competition. The latest trends in app design are closely connected to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Machine Learning. From sightseeing in an unknown city to checking how a new lamp will look in your home interior before purchase, everything is going to be possible soon.

To summarize: to choose one idea from a variety of ideas for a new application, try to answer the following questions:

  • What problem does this application solve?
  • Where can this app be better than competitors’ applications?
  • Why would users want to use this app again and again?
  • Why would users recommend this application to their friends?
  • How often would you use such an application?

We cope with developing any mobile design

We hope that these questions will help you to choose an idea for the application of your dreams and its mobile design, and Direct Line Development will help you to create and develop any application of any complexity at the highest professional level.


5th June 2018

Nowadays people can do almost everything using their phones and mobile apps are becoming more and more important. There are a huge variety of the apps out there, but only a small part of those apps are popular and useful. This article provides some good on-point tips which could be useful to anyone who is interested in developing an app.

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