Who Makes the Fastest Websites in Philadelphia

Who Makes the Fastest Websites in Philadelphia

When you log onto your computer, you will do so with a plan of action in mind. Oftentimes this plan includes visiting a particular website, or multiple websites. With where technology is at in today’s age, nothing is more frustrating than sitting and watching the computer screen slowly fill with the various parts of a website you are attempting to access. What’s more likely the case is that after several seconds of waiting for the screen to pull up the site, you’ll close out and try another similar site, never to return to the first.

The fact of the matter is, website speed is incredibly important. The speed of a page is determined by the web design techniques and the web development skills used to create the website. Certain features of a site may inherently contribute to its overall speed, such as a responsive website. Website speed is not a matter of opinion, nor is it one of speculation. Google, the world’s most prominent and powerful search engine, uses website speed as a contributing factor in its overall ranking process, and things like a site’s responsive capabilities are indeed taken into account.

Website speed is not limited to desktop browsing. Related MaterialsHow To Create a Good Business WebsiteHow To Create a Good Business WebsiteThe Best Way to Develop Your WebsiteThe Best Way to Develop Your WebsiteSites must be equally adept at maintaining consistent download speeds on mobile phones and tablets as well. A page must load just as fast in Philadelphia as it does in San Francisco. A website must be just as fast for new customers as it is for the clients you’ve had since days before your company even had its own custom website.The speed with which your business’s website opens and loads is the single most important factor when it comes to acquiring and maintaining customers. If your company offers a service that someone Googles, and your site is optimized to the point where it is a top result for Google’s listings for that search, then it has to load instantaneously when it is clicked upon. People are lazy. If you don’t give them what they want right away, they will find someone else who will, and you lose money as a result. If a current client of yours needs information from your company, but wants find it online instead of calling, your site better be able to cater to their needs in a timely manner just as you or your employees would do in person.

The Top Reasons For A Website’s Slow Speed

While this may not have been the case in the past, but in today’s world the main contributing factor to a website’s load speed is web development. In other words, the best developer will make the best websites. It is the code that is most important, not the size or quantity of images and pictures on a page. Our website serves as a perfect example. Upon visiting our website, a video immediately loads in the background. Take note that there is little to no buffer time and the rest of the website loads simultaneously. This is not because of any hidden trick. It is because of well-crafted code and competent web design techniques put into place in an effective, symbiotic fashion.

Our website is that of custom creation. If your website is running on a template platform, Such as Squarespace or WordPress, it’s almost guaranteed that you will have an inherently slower website. There will always be the critics who point to template sites that run just as fast as a custom one, but these are either outliers in the template population sample or unskilled developers who aren’t bringing their clients the true power of a professional website design to generate income and satisfy clients both old and new. We should also add that the hosting provider will affect your website download speed as well. Cheap hosting saves you money in the short-run, but the long-run effects of hosting with a company that inhibits your business website’s full capabilities will cost you much more than a few dollars a month.

The Best Way to Measure the Speed of your Website

There are multiple ways to measure the speed of a website. One is simply trial and error. It’s often quite obvious if a website is slow or not. Just take note of how frustrated you become as you sit and stare at your cursor’s “still loading” indicators. Google, however, now offers a more precise approach to the measurement of site speed. This service can be accessed here: testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com. You simply paste the URL to your company website into the box and let Google analyze the code of your website. Upon completing its analysis, Google then provide you with a percent score (out of 100), ranking your site’s overall speed. We at Direct Line Development understand the importance of speed and the value it brings to our customers. We posit ourselves as a web design company in Philadelphia that has the ability to generate business for our clients through online capabilities. If the sites we create are not up to our standards after using Google’s test, we send it back for web development work until the speed is improved and satisfies our site-launch criteria.

Test my site: check the download speed of the website;

So, Who Makes the Fastest Sites in Philadelphia?

There are so many website design companies in Philadelphia that it is sometimes hard to differentiate between them all. A truism with every web design company is that their own website will serve as one of the main examples of the quality of work that they can provide their potential clients, and this is true for us as well. With this information in mind, we ran a study on the speed of the websites of Philadelphia’s top 20 website design studios. All of the sites were found using Google, but if you think that we missed a company, feel free to write in and we will add it to our list. The was conducted using the very same speed verification tool that we mentioned above that Google offers free to all who wish to use it. The results of the study below were determined using the average speed of each company’s website and their latest ten projects.

Philadelphia Web Design Company Speed Rankings

The purpose of this material is not to denigrate our competitors or drive business away from them but rather to highlight these deficiencies in their work and to showcase the importance of a site’s speed in terms of its overall functionality. Many of the companies in this study have charged thousands of dollars from customers that think they are receiving something better than they are. Those companies should be strive to build the best projects for their customers, and continue to improve their own techniques.

We recommend that all companies correct the speeds of the their sites and write to us. Once the improvements are made, we will happily update their scores. If you are a member of one of the above-mentioned companies who wishes to improve their sites’ speeds but do not know how, we would gladly train your developers in our company’s internship program. We have the means and knowledge on hand to enhance their web development techniques for very low cost. Happy coding!

20th place: Studio Atlity

With an average score of only 39, this is the worst score we found in our study. While we are unaware of the individual circumstances surrounding this company, it appears that they did not get the memo of the importance of having a fast website.

19th place: Think it First

Their score was slightly higher, leveling out at 41. Their own website has a fast enough download speed, but their various projects do not match the quality of their own and thus download much slower, pulling their entire average down.

18th place: Delphic Digital

42, while not dead last, is nothing to write home about. When we analyzed the last 10 websites they developed, not one of them scored in the “green” zone. We’re sure that if these customers knew about this, they would be far from pleased. This score is, for a lack of better terms, bad.

17th place: Eastern Standard

Another average of 42. While browsing their website, we were admittedly impressed by the manner in which they describe the way they work with their clients. Here’s a quote: “When you craft a website that truly serves the needs of your visitors, your SEO rankings and lead-generation capacity will increase drastically.” It’s thus unfortunate that, when analyzing the speed of the sites that they’ve created for their clients, this quote has nothing to do with reality.

16th place: Happy Cog

Again, an average score of 42. And again, another company that cares about its own site much more than the quality of those it provides its customers. 

15th place: Yikes

Finally upping the game to a whole 44. Their site and their projects all consistently fall into this range, and they have made quite a number of them. Consistency, however, does not mean quality. Let us remind you that the green zone - the range in which a site should fall in order to be acceptable to Google’s standards - is a site that scores at least an 85.

14th place: Pepper Lillie

Another score of 44. We are already approaching the middle of our list and yet not a single company has remotely improved their scores to even reach the orange zone, leaving the green scoring range to be left for the very distant future.

13th place: Durkan Group

With an average aggregate score of 45, we have yet another example of a website design firm whose own site is significantly faster than the speed of the sites that they create for their own clients. This means they have the capabilities, but do not consistently produce fast results. Why? Maybe cost. Maybe affordability.

12th place: The 215 Guys

A relative well-known company in the Philadelphia area, they have an average score of 46. Interestingly, the score of three of their latest projects in particular score well-above the average of the rest. These sites are still not in the green zone, but it does demonstrate these developers may selectively intensify their efforts for certain projects.

11th place: Digital Creative

At last we are have crossed the boundaries of the halfway mark with a score of 52! This fact actually makes us want to cry. We’ve checked hundreds of sites at this point and yet none of them have reached the green zone. What is going on? How is this happening?

10th place: P’unk Ave

This company scored 53 on the speed test. Here is a quote from their page: “Our services focus on advancing your mission and bringing you closer to your goals.” Maybe they are also trying to help us reach our goals? If so, they are doing it very slowly.

9th place: Roja Interactive

While now in the top ten best website design firms in Philadelphia, this company still only scores 53. We are still miles away from being deemed acceptable in Google’s eyes, the goal that each of these companies should be striving for.

8th place: Zivtech

What a surprise, another score of 53! Almost toward the middle of the top ten yet no noticeable changes have taken place. “Almost half of all users will leave a website if the mobile page does not load within three seconds.” These are not our words, they are Google’s.

7th place: WebpageFX

Whoa. This company just changed the game, reaching the highest score on our list yet with a whopping average of 54. Here is another quote from Google that we came across in our research “It looks like https://www.webpagefx.com/ is slow on mobile phones. Unfortunately, most people will not wait very long before leaving a slow-loading site and tapping elsewhere.” Their words, not ours.

6th place: CWP Design Studio

With a score of 55, CWP Design Studio is approaching the top of the charts. Yet this score, according to Google (and most users) is still severely lacking in terms of site speed and quality.

5th place: King Design

Their score came out to 57. If we are to go by names alone, we would be left to believe that this company’s projects would be nothing short of royalty, yet their rating seems to tell a different story. Even though this company finds itself in the top 5, the score is, simply put, unacceptable, even for common folk.

4th place: Blue Cadet

Their score also comes to 57. This is too slow. Way too slow. If these sites were tested by real people instead of Google’s algorithms, the person would surely be asleep at their desk by the time the page was fully loaded. We’re joking, of course, but the matter is relatively serious. These speeds are too slow to meet the needs of today’s fast-paced world. 

3rd place: Impart Creative

The average score of this web development company comes to 58. And so here we are in the top three. Impart Creative can happily accept their bronze medal, but we wouldn’t say that a score like this is something we’d necessarily be bragging about to our friends and family.

2nd place: Push 10

Hooray! At 59, Push 10 claims silver! Here’s a fun observation: the difference between 10th and 2nd place is only 6 points… none of these sites have yet to reach the green zone of Google’s standards.

1st place: Direct Line Development

That’s right, first place baby! With a score of 97, Direct Line clears its competition by a long shot. We knew our sites were quality, but after such an in-depth comparison, we now really know it. We’re not only at the top of this list, but we almost double the score of our closest competitor. Again, we’d like to remind you that these scores were compiled using Google’s own tool: testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com. We did not influence these results in any way.


We were admittedly shocked by these findings. Of course almost all companies will proclaim that their only mission in web design is to provide quality websites to their customers in an affordable manner. They say they will bring you to the top. They say they will give you their best. These results speak otherwise. It seems that most website design studios in Philadelphia are concerned with only their own profit while ignoring the needs of their customers beyond what they are able to see.

Speed is the most important factor that contributes to a site’s success. As such, always pay attention to the speed of a web developer’s own site as well as their projects when making the decision of choosing who will design your firm’s website. You may have run your own site through Google’s speed test and found that it does not meet what Google considers to be optimal speeds. We at Direct Line Development can help remedy this situation. We are prepared to give free recommendations to anyone who wishes to improve their site speed, especially if you are client of one of the sites listed above. Correcting a site’s speed requires the knowledge of a good developer, a few hours of intensive work, and a team truly committed to your success. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call or leave them in the comments section below!