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Philadelphia is the city where we work

Philadelphia is a paradox. It is both past and future, urban and rural, simple and ornate. Modern Philadelphia businesses are embracing their city’s unique character and bringing it to the web with high quality web design and careful web development.


The city of Philadelphia is known for its rich history, particularly with regard to its importance to the formation of the United States of America. The story of Pennsylvania began with with a young man named William Penn, whose statue can be seen gazing over the city at the very top of Philadelphia’s city hall (which, by the way, is the largest municipal building in the country—even bigger than the Capitol!) In 1681, King Charles II of England granted William Penn with a land charter for area known today as Pennsylvania. An interesting fact: despite the charter, William Penn actually forged a friendship treaty and purchased the land from the local Lenape community in order to maintain peace and stability. In accordance with this motif, William Penn named the city Philadelphia, which in Greek translates to “Brotherly Love.” As a Quaker, William Penn faced a great deal of discrimination in his home country of England. This personal experience inspired the way in which Penn envisioned the future of Philadelphia. From the very beginning, the city was destined to be a sanctuary of peace and religious tolerance. This environment allowed for creativity to flow, and of course, for freedom to ring.

Independence hall in Philadelphia, PAPhiladelphia City Hall in downtownWashington Monument FountainWilliam Penn statue

The city of Philadelphia has been home to a number of key figures in United States history. These include Benjamin Franklin, who introduced huge initiatives that brought the city of Philadelphia to the fore of culture and innovation. The Free Library, a fire protection system, hospitals- these were only a few of Benjamin’s contribution to society in the 19th century. It is no wonder that Philadelphia – with its sprawling economy and vibrant intellectual life- became the heart of the American Revolution, the first capital, and a center for economic activity in the United States.

Location: Where is Philadelphia located?

Philadelphia is the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania, located in the Northeast region of the United States. Philadelphia’s physical location and well-developed transportation systems allow residents and tourists to travel throughout the Northeast corridor with comfort and ease. Philadelphia is within very close proximity to places like New Jersey, New York, Baltimore, and Washington D.C; with SEPTA trains and the incredible Amtrak system, these hot destinations are only a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Armored cruiser in PhiladelphiaFull-rigged ship photo

As the sixth most populous city in the country, Philadelphia is a cosmopolitan hub, and the economic core of the region known as the Delaware Valley (named as such after the Delaware River.) Also flowing through the city is the Schuylkill. Both of these rivers are crucial elements of Philadelphia’s nature and topography. As one drives along the bustling I-95 Highway, it is impossible to miss “Boathouse Row”, a line of charming 19th century boathouses along the edge of the Schuylkill River. This view is particularly dazzling at night, when the houses are outlined with twinkling lights.

Of course, Boathouse Row comprises only a small part of Philadelphia’s extensive Fairmount Park System, the largest municipal park in the city. With over 9,200 acres of land, the Fairmount Park system offers Philadelphians with the opportunity to enjoy a rare dichotomy of urban and natural settings.  

This is true even for Philadelphia’s most cosmopolitan core. Within the city itself, amid the hustle and bustle of urban life, residents can find a moment of tranquility in one of the five public parks. These include Centre Square, Franklin Square, Logan Square, Washington Square, and the ever-so-lovely Rittenhouse Square Park. These beautiful sites serve as perfect elements for an aesthetically pleasing web-design, which is authentically Philadelphian in nature. Web development companies like Direct Line development assist Philadelphia businesses to optimize their online presence with a unique and specialized web design. This is especially true for small business, the backbone of Philadelphia commerce.

Lion statue in Rittenhouse SquareBridge on Philadelphia downtown

Direct line assists Philadelphia small business to develop websites that are beautiful, user-friendly, and representative of the company and of the city of Philadelphia. Direct Line Development offers graphic design services that help Philadelphia businesses build websites that cater to the specific character of the organization. Landscaping companies, organic health food stores, nature parks and nature attractions – any business working within these domains would benefit from a uniquely tailored web design; a web design, which showcases Philadelphia’s many natural landmarks.

What is Philadelphia’s economic importance to the region?

Old free library in PhiladelphiaUniversity of PennsylvaniaTemple University School of Medicine

Philadelphia’s economic sectors vary greatly, but healthcare and education are among the most influential. Throughout its history, Philadelphia has been a center for intellectual growth and enlightenment. It is no wonder that the country’s first library and first medical school were established in this incredible city. To this day, Philadelphia is home to a number of top colleges and universities, attracting students and professors from all over the globe. Philadelphia welcomes the world’s best and brightest, thereby facilitating an atmosphere of creativity and cutting-edge technology. For companies within the technological sector, a hip and easily recognizable logo is absolutely key. Direct line development offers logo design services that allow Philadelphia companies to encompass their identities within a clever design.

How does Philadelphia’s location influence its business?

Philadelphia has always been an economic hub and a key location for diverse businesses. Throughout the 19th century, Philadelphia was mostly an industrial city, with the textile business as its primary activity. With the economic changes of the 20th century, however, both the economic and physical landscape of Philadelphia underwent some major changes.

Today, Philadelphia is economic crux of the state of Pennsylvania, containing the third largest economy in the entire nation. Philadelphia’s high population density and history of economic prosperity renders it a great place for big business. Many large corporations adorn Philadelphia’s iconic skyline; among these are several fortune 1000 countries, and hundreds of other big-time names. Philadelphia residents comprise hundreds of businessmen and women, often found strutting down the streets of center city, grabbing a black coffee or a quick bite to eat.

Philadelphia skyscrapersChinatown in PhiladephiaSouth 15 Street in Phladelphia

While big time corporations are an undeniable element of Philadelphia’s economic success, it’s the smaller names that make up it’s uniquely Philadelphian nature. Scattered throughout Philadelphia are an infinitely diverse variety of restaurants, shops, bars and cafés—each of which is representative of the cultural mosaic that makes up the city.

All of these businesses – from mom and popshops to corporate giants, quaint boutiques to cutting edge leaders in high tech – characterize the diverse city of Philadelphia. What more, as they ride the wave of modernity, the majority of Philadelphia businesses tap into the powers of the web as a way to advertise their brand and promote their services. Philadelphia business owners know that company websites will allow their companies to flourish and grow. Search engine optimization, web design, a quality logo, and great animation: all of these are elements of a strong website.


Junk food store in PhiladelphiaPedestrian in Philadelphia downtownPhiladelphia Market Street

Philadelphia is comprised of many different cultures, languages, and religions. The largest ethnic groups are Irish, Italian, Polish, German, English, and Greek, but there are many more significant minority groups within the city—and their voices are loud and proud. This diversity is a quintessential part of the beauty of Philadelphia, fulfilling William Penn’s dream of a City of Brotherly Love. The cultures of Philadelphia are manifested in a number of ways – but the best, obviously, is FOOD. Chinese hotpot, Ethiopian injera, Spanish tapas, Middle Eastern Kabobs – there is no end to the culinary diversity of Philadelphia’s food scene! This city has the restaurants to fulfill literally any food craving. Of course, it is impossible to discuss Philadelphia’s food culture without mentioning the cheesesteak. This sandwich, a greasy mess of a beefsteak and melted cheese, represents the very heart and soul of this special city.

Arts and Culture

Philadelphia Museum of ArtThe Phillies MuralBrutalist architecture in Phiadelphia

Philadelphia is a place for ART and creative expression. The city contains a number of world-famous art museums, such as The Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Rodin Museum, and the Barnes foundation. In addition to housing works by the biggest name in art history, Philadelphia is a proud patron of contemporary artists. The city’s “First Sunday” Program, for example, allows local artists to make a sale and showcase their work in the Old City District. This area, replete with galleries and one-of-a-kind boutiques, represents Philadelphia’s up-and-coming small business community. Fishtown, Manayunk, and Chestnut Hill-Philadelphia’s notoriously “hipster” neighborhoods—are home to key names in the Philadelphia small business community. And yes – as purveyors of hip Philadelphia goods – these business owners are tapping into the powers of the web. With solid logos and beautiful web designs, Philadelphia small businesses are able to capture the essence of their product, and their beloved city.

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