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Ben Manis Plumbing, located in huntingdon valley, pa, and servicing philadelphia, montgomery, and bucks counties. We did a variety of jobs for them and achieved excellent results. SEO is not magic but an advanced technological process that doesn’t bear fruit right away, but after time has passed. The whole process involves a constant analysis, reworking and refining of the solutions, and requires the investment of continuous attention. Every day we analyze the performance of the website and adjust our actions to achieve the best results! Remember that SEO is an investment in the future!

Great Results After Just 8 Months Of Search Engine Optimization

  • Bethayres, PA
  • Montgomeryville, PA
  • Meadowbrook, PA
Ben Manis Plumbing

Technical activities

  1. Significantly improved the performance of the site in page loading speed tests, which significantly affects the Google’s attitude toward your website
  2. All errors of code validation for all pages have been fixed
  3. Writing robots.txt and sitemap.xml
  4. Added the site to Google services such as Search Console, and Google Analytics;
  5. We developed a unique system of relinking and page weight transferring for service pages promotion in SERP. The system has been fully processed 6 times and is still undergoing testing. This needs to be brought up to the optimal condition
  6. Structured data added to the whole website
  7. A special tracking tool is used to determine website performance

Results are growing every week. Now we have more than 20 keywords on the first Google page

24 keywords
Position analysis is performed using a certified SEO service called SE Ranking
Ben Manis Plumbing

Need sewer cleaning? Just search!

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