How To Create a Good Business Website

How To Create a Good Business Website

It should come as no surprise in 2017 that having a website has become the market standard for businesses and professionals. The internet is the number one resource for information on the planet and we access it constantly through a variety of devices. Sure there are the obstinate few who are able to navigate the modern world without using a cell phone, but to be a business owner and expect to sustain a profit without a website is a foolish mistake, but one that can be avoided. You should also know that this value will only continue to increase each year.

Professional websites are like investments that continuously appreciate in value at almost exponential rates. The internet seems to find a new way to “boom” every few years. The latest surge and up-tick in internet usage came from the rise of smartphones and internet-capable mobile devices. Whether you choose to admit it to yourself or not, we are now always connected. No matter where you are, your phone can connect you to the rest of the world in a matter of seconds. Every company needs a great web design agency to make their business stand out.

Internet usage USA 2016Google least 2 trillion searches per yearInternet users in the USA 2016

The Goals of Creating a Professional Business Website

When you opt to develop a professional website for your company, whether it be a small business or a large corporation, there are a variety of different goals that you can choose to pursue. The most important thing is that you clearly identify what your web development goals are and pursue them with vigor. Not only will this make you and your business more successful in the long run, but it will help to better define certain expectations during the development process. So many companies simply slap up any old website and wash their hands of it. They do this because they at least understand that having a website for their business is now the market standard. However, meeting minimal requirements in today’s market is almost like doing nothing at all. This simple version of online presence is best understood as the presentation of the company. It is a good goal to set and accomplish for your business because it is better than no website at all. Unfortunately, if this is the only step you take with your company on the internet, you are not very likely to increase your customer base. It is actually more likely that this will have little to no effect on your business as it currently stands. Material by Web Design and DevelopmentThe Best Way to Develop Your WebsiteThe Best Way to Develop Your WebsiteWhy Shouldn't You Create A WordPress Website?Why Shouldn't You Create A WordPress Website?

Another website development goal is boosting company image. In certain industries, especially ones where professional aestheticism is something to be expected from the company, this is the overarching priority. These types of site are indeed very beautiful, and it’s no secret that beauty prevails over functionality for most users. The most common web development goal for most businesses from the moment they create their websites is to promote their products or services. These types of projects are quite normal and we hear clients come into our office all the time saying things like, “I want a website for my small business to increase sales,” or “My website needs to increase the amount of customers I have in Philadelphia, Denver, and Austin.” For us at Direct Line Development, these goals are ideal because we specialize in bringing higher conversion and increased profitability to our clients through their custom developed websites. Plus it gives us a chance to showcase our work in a mutually beneficial way!

Aside from these broader goals, there are more specific ones as well. Some websites are created to attract investment in a particular product or company. Some are developed for the purpose of finding new employees to hire. Some companies are required by law to have a website to display certain types of information. The list goes on. Let’s consider in detail the three key reasons for which someone may consider building and launching a website for their business.

The Philadelphia Party Planners website The Ben Manis Plumbing websiteThe IFMA websiteThe Evolute website The SSMD  website

Professional Website as a Presentation of the Company

When giving an informative presentation on most things in life, your goal is usually to give answers to questions such as “who, what, where, when, and why.” This is no different for a website whose priority is to provide potential (and current) customers with information about the business that they are (hopefully) considering. There are no hooks or snares on this website and no fancy tricks. It is to simply serve as a convenient avenue by which customers can gain access to more information on you and your company.These types of sites will offer information in a clear and concise manner. They will describe things such as a what the company does and how successful it is. They will tell customers which brands operate under the company’s name. People will be able to find which regions the company operates in and who represents it. A professional business website of this type will clearly display its mission statement, and brand values. It is also common for these types of websites to offer up a brief company history as well a prospectus for the future. There are four simple factors that make up a successful website. And in all of these tidbits of information, the company should be offering up information that helps to differentiate it from its competitors.

Using a Website to Build Company Image

There is a difference between presenting your company’s information and presenting your company’s image. Firstly, as we mentioned just before, in industries where the services you offer are to appeal to your customers’ aesthetic appreciations, such as photography or painting, your website must be beautifully designed in order for your services to appear as legitimate. But this is not the only reason. Certain industry sectors, like non-profit, also use websites to boost their company image. The reason for this is moreso an appeal to morality and to “humanize” the company. For instance, if your company is often engaged in philanthropic pursuits, this could be featured on the website. Some companies will try to emphasize their values and what they do to promote them in our society. Others will directly list the ways that their company has already benefited society. They often include resources for their customers to get involved in their value promotion work and also offer information as to how the company specifically goes about this promotion. These websites usually have more detailed descriptions of their brand, since this information is likely to be important to visitors of these companies’ sites. It is important to create a lasting impression with a website that has been developed for image. This often entails the use of bright and memorable images, well-produced videos, or eloquently drafted blog posts. The point is to show that your company is more than a group of people looking to turn a profit. You want to show your audience that because of what you and your company do and accomplish, the world is a better place.

The Pioneer Small Business Consulting website

Custom Business Website to Boost Sales

Your website is your most dedicated employee. He works for you constantly, all day every day. But just like a real person, your website must be equipped with the proper information and tools necessary to be successful. If you’ve got an employee willing to work 24/7 selling cars for you, but he knows nothing about them, chances of his success are slim to none. First and foremost, you must understand what it is potential customers will be looking to find when they come to your website. This includes detailed descriptions of products and services you offer. It is helpful to have clear images when necessary. Customer reviews are huge. Over 50% of online shoppers use customer reviews in order to make their purchasing decisions. These should be honest and should be easily accessible on your website.

Often overlooked but incredibly important is the ability to make purchases directly on the website. Understanding the power of an E-commerce website will set your business for success. You would not believe the number of people that come to us saying “I don’t get it. My website is responsive, it has all my products on there, and the phone number is right at the top of the page. Why won’t people call?” The fact of the matter is, some people don’t even talk on the phone anymore. They would much rather be able to find what they are looking for online, punch in their credit card information, and be on their way. The amount of people that prefer to online shop in this capacity is much higher than one would likely expect and it is therefore incredibly important for you as a business owner to ensure that ease of purchase is never an issue on your website. If a customer makes the decision to buy from you, you have a limited amount of time to get them from selection to checkout before you run the risk of them changing their mind or searching for other companies with similar products. Knowing that your goal is to increase sales, you should keep all of this in mind. The more of these tactics you implement, the higher your customer conversion rate.

SEO is a Must-Have Feature For Websites Regardless of Specific Goals

You can spend all the time in the world planning and concocting the perfect website to fit your company’s goals and represent your image in a way that perfectly matches the culture of your business. But none of that matters if no one even sees it. The fact of the matter is, your website needs traffic in order for it to work for you. The cheapest and most efficient way to increase that traffic is through search engine optimization. We have a variety of articles dedicated to increasing customer conversion and traffic influx to your site and recommend that you consider some (or all) of the SEO advice we have to offer.

The search engines pay more and more attention to the user behavior factor

What’s Worth the Investment and What’s Worth Avoiding When Creating a Website for your Business?

As is the case with most things surrounding your business, when you begin a new project and estimate your costs and expenses, you naturally want to save money where you can. Your website is no different. Here we will run through a few things that are a must-have when building your own website and also show you where you can avoid superfluous expenses depending on your site and situation.

Where You Should SaveWhere You Should Invest
  • Additional Features. Yes it is true that everyone loves them, but they are not necessary for a site still in ites nascent stages. Sure the site is indeed excellent if its theme changes with the holidays, sends out a regular mailing list to your customers, or keeps a calendar of events for clients, but if you are a young business just taking your first steps in the online realm, it is best that you keep things simple to start. As your business grows and you become more proficient, you can then begin to add additional features to your site. We advise that you plan to make your site large and complex after several years of being in business. To have a successful website you should understand principles of a good structure of your site.
  • Site Size. Let’s say you own a fitness center that offers several different training programs. At first, it won’t be a necessity for you to have a separate page for each one of these programs. Instead, group them together as logically as possible and get the site up and running. It is too often the case that companies undertake huge web development projects from the get-go and end up stuck with a project that takes years. It’s better to build up gradually. This is doubly effective because not only do you save money upfront, but Google will give you favorable SEO results since it prefers sites that grow.

  • Fees for Brand. As you begin to develop your online presence, you are going to be working with a variety of different companies. We advise that you judge your partners based on the quality of their work, not solely their reputation. More often than not, companies will charge you higher prices based on their name recognition, not because the quality of their work is vastly superior to a similar, lesser-known company down the road.

  • Photoshoot. You see it all the time as you browse the web: low quality pictures taken straight from Google images and videos clearly shot with an unstable hand on a shotty cell phone. Don’t be that business. Invest in a quality photoshoot that can provide your company with unique images it needs. Not only will your site stand out from the rest, but your business can use these images for other promotional materials for years to come.
  • The Platform On Which You Develop Your Site. We discuss this issue all the time. A website built on Wix or WordPress is good for a short-term solution or a startup, but its longevity is severely limited. If you choose to later hire a customer website developer, you will need to scrap the template site and start from scratch, costing you time and money in the process. 

  • A Professional Team. You are only as capable the team you are working with. If someone approaches you and says that they can offer you a custom website with SEO for a year all for $1000, run and never look back. This is simply impossible. Saddle yourself with a capable team that lays out a realistic price table and timeline.

Let’s Sum Up What Goes Into an Effective Business Website

In order for your business to be effective online, it must be developed professionally. There is no getting around this fact. But there are other things to take into account as well. The website must be fast, convenient, and user-friendly. Your website should clearly reflect the goals you set for it from the outset of its development. A site with no goals will have no direction. Finally, you need to incorporate some SEO techniques in order to bring traffic to the site and begin to convert your visitors. Yes, it’s really that simple. Of course, theory is one thing and application is another. We understand that most things are easier said than done, so if you are looking for some online help or seeking a professional web developer in Philadelphia, Denver, Austin (or anywhere), then contact Direct Line Development to create a truly effective business website!

The article was updated on December 18, 2017.

Alex Kudimov
Alex Kudimov


Greg Queen

I think a lot of people over complicate their web sites, this is a great guide!

Ben Hayward

The first step for me when researching a new topic or finding a new business is to "Google" it on my smartphone. I never stay on a website that isn't mobile responsive. I need to be able to read what the company or article has to say. That's what important to me as a user. I found this article very informative and relevant to anyone that is looking to start a website for their business.

SerpHaus SEO

This article is truly informative and extremely useful to anyone seeking to start a new website for their business.

I was thinking about getting a website for my business but didn't know where to start and what to look for. Thanks for a lot of useful info. Now I know where to start and what my website should have to be successful.

This is a great article to read to start understanding how to select a company to do your website. We hear it over and over again our clients are overwhelmed and never know where to start. This will give them a great basis on how to judge companies and make a great decision.

Great thought process on how to create a website for your business.

Great primer on how to create a business website that converts.

Establishing a strong web presence with your business website is never a bad idea. Learn from the best and you'll have a successful site.

There are still so many companies who treat their websites simply as an online "business card" and don't really care to use it as a tool to drive business. Anyone who see this post should be on the lookout for these and let them know they're doing themselves a massive disservice.

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