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Why Do We Write Websites Using Python?

Python is an advanced and highly powerful language in the website design and development world, thus making developers with this skill highly sought after.

It is a rarity to find a web development company in Philadelphia or Denver using Python to create websites. While there are indeed a multitude of languages from a which a developer can choose to code with besides Python, the truth boils down to the complexity of the language itself. Python is an advanced and highly powerful language in the website design and development world, thus making developers with this skill highly sought after. But with a great skill comes a high price. These programmers’ salaries are very high and the average web design studio simply can’t afford to staff them on an annual basis. Usually, only large companies or solo developers are able to offer projected written in Python on a consistent basis.

It’s no wonder that it’s so hard to compete with top web development companies like Facebook and Google. This is the typical development scheme for a web design firm in Philadelphia and Denver: download a template on WordPress, modify it slightly with the help of an average-skilled PHP programmer through the use of either an in-house employee or outsourcing the work to India, and then market it at a high price under the guise of a custom website. The manipulation almost feels too cruel to be legal, but sadly it happens every day, and we have written extensively on the pitfalls of sites like WordPress and Wix.

We at Direct Line Development only use top-notch developers who program in the best languages on the market. We provide our clients with results that reflect the quality of their businesses and the skills of our team. This is why we develop our sites using Python, the pinnacle of quality and efficiency.

What is Python?

Brace yourself. Python is a high-level programming language with dynamic typing capabilities, making it highly adaptable and incredibly efficient in its composition. It is a general-purpose language, allowing developers to develop system applications with a graphical interface, command line utilities, scientific applications, games, web applications, and much more, all with equal success and high-functionality.

What’s more is that Python can be used and distributed absolutely free. As with other open source products, such as Perl, Linux, and Apache, you will be able to obtain complete Python source code on the internet. You should also note that there are no restrictions on Python in terms of copying, embedding within its systems, or distributing it within the composition of your products. In other words, its is very versatile and mobile in today’s digital world. This is more important than you may at first expect. In a world that is constantly developing and changing, interactions between companies and industry sectors that at first seemed impossible are now happening more and more each day. To remain adaptive in today’s fluid marketplace is a key to your business’s success and longevity.

Python is widely known and widely used. In addition to being used by hundreds of thousands of individual developers and small web development companies, Python props up giants such Google logos, Dropbox, Mozilla, Facebook, Yandex, Red Hat, Microsoft (recently very active in their Visual Studio branch), Intel (actively conducts research in the field of parallel computing in Python) as well as many, many others.

Python is introductory programming languages

Why Do We Prefer to Use Python?

As a website development company in Philadelphia and Denver, we have a variety of clients with a variety of needs. While some may ask for a responsive ecommerce website with only a few pages, others may be looking to bolster their business through the creation of a huge website capable of providing them with the professional image they desire. With Python, you can write just about anything: websites, desktop applications, games, automation scripts, complex calculation systems, life support management systems, and the list goes on. These objectives and projects can all be accomplished using Python without any tangible problems throughout the entire process.

Related MaterialsWho Makes the Fastest Websites in PhiladelphiaWho Makes the Fastest Websites in PhiladelphiaHow To Create a Good Business WebsiteHow To Create a Good Business Website By the way, if you are using operating systems such as Linux, Unix, or any of the OS X families, Python is already installed. If you were to sit down with the best developers in your area and ask them which language they believed would provide them with the most support for object-oriented programming, their answer would unanimously be Python. It works like an automatic garbage collection system with no memory leaks whatsoever.

Cross-platform capabilities. As a web design company, your clients will be using devices and operating systems from many different outlets. They want a responsive website that will run on any platform, and they want them to run no matter what platform they are using. A program written in Python will function exactly the same regardless of the operating system on which it is being run. Differences arise only in rare cases, and they are not complex or unexpected thanks to the availability of in-depth nomenclature on the subject as a whole. Python also offers good support for modularity. With it, you can easily write a module and then use it in other programs.

Python is also highly effective when used to create large systems. It provides features such as modules, classes, and exceptions. These features allow you to break the entire system into components, use OOP to create reusable software code, and then elegantly handle the events and errors that may arise throughout the construction of the project. Python not only works great for large-scale projects but is also well-adept to accomplish specific tasks. The language provides developers with a vast library of tools that support almost every specific task that may be required of a developer, ranging from regular expression searches to online browsing. We should note that it is in Python’s library tools where most operations are performed.

When programming anything, one will inevitably be forced to scan back through the program to look for bugs and correct them as they arise. Python, being an interpreted programming language, makes it much easier for developers to debug their programs. Simplicity. Since the code of Python is simple and concise, it allows additional support to be simple and predictable.

Pasting - Below you will find examples of a sample of code in Python and Java that opens a file and saves its contents to a variable:

Difference between Java and Python

The Python Developer Community

One of the proponents of success for any technology is the community created around it. With a strong backing and user-base, discussion and innovation arise, contributing to the overall longevity of the language. Through joint-problem solving and troubleshooting, the language can continue to grow and develop. With that said, it should come as no surprise to find that the Python developer community is one of the most powerful and consistently growing in the world. Users from all over employ the language to accomplish their tasks and share their findings and preferred methods of using the language with the rest of us, allowing the group as a whole to grow from the actions of an individual. The Python community is complex and well-organized, allowing for a seamless adaptability and flexibility that reflects the characteristics of the language itself.

When discussing the development of web applications, the best strategy for development is to use the Python-Django framework. This is achieved both by the successful implementation of OOP and interaction with the database and by excellent support documentation offered by various developers and members of the Python community.

Python developers community

A Real-life Example of the Applications of Python

A few months ago, one of our clients approached us in need of our programming department. He asked if we could make some significant changes to his company’s internal CRM system and additions to be made to its functional capabilities. Since we deal and create our own CRM solutions this was right up our alley. 

The entire system was written in PHP, and so of course, any new additions made to the system also had to be written in PHP. We had two programmers handle this task and it took them about two months. The project was delivered on time and the client was satisfied with the work of our programmers. However, it felt like anything but an efficient use of everyone’s time.

We did some analysis. As it turns out, if the whole system has been written in Python instead of PHP, and the new features were then subsequently coded in Python, we could have reduced the amount of time spent on the project from two months to two weeks. And this would have only taken one programmer, not two.

We discussed our findings with the client and agreed that, in the future should he need anymore work done on his CRM, we would rewrite the entire system in Python first and then go on to the additions. We explained that this move would be beneficial for him in the long-run, saving him both time and money in the process.

The Takeaway

Python is a very powerful tool with a fairly low entry-threshold and with very wide capabilities. Its highly-active community coupled with its multiple built-in and third-party modules allow you to safely use it for development. We must reiterate that when discussing the development of web applications, the Python + Django bundle remains the most affordable option for the pricing-performance ratio. We at Direct Line Development code all of our websites using Python because of the efficiency of the language. This efficiency shines through in the performances of our clients’ websites and the work they generate for their businesses. We constantly tell our clients, “your website should work for you.” And this will forever be true. Whether you’ve got an e-commerce website or a site mainly used as a photo gallery to showcase your work, you have got to be fast, responsive, and available on all platforms.

Oftentimes our clients hear about the technical details of Python and find themselves lost in a sea of jargon that they don’t understand. The amount of languages available to programmers today is daunting and the information available on each is seemingly endless. Business owners may tend towards a simpler language because it is easier for them to understand. They say that Python is only for giant companies like Google or Facebook. Please do not make this mistake. We are not asking that you first become an expert on Python before you decide to work with a company that can provide you with an application in that language nor are asking you to make a blind choice. Instead we invite you to engage in a helpful and informed discussion as to how Python can better help you achieve your goals for a specific project as compared to another.

Python will provide your company with unparalleled speeds that lower your bounce rates due to slow load times and allow your customers to feel as though they’ve visited a true company of the 21st century. Python can allow for custom web design solutions that simply aren’t possible with cookie-cutter websites built with WordPress. Python can help you adapt as the world of technology grows and changes.

The article was updated on January 30, 2018.


If you want to get with the times, Python is for you!!! You will not find a more dynamic language that Python, when you look at companies like Instagram, Google, Facebook, Dropbox all using Python, you have to ask yourself why?
Speed is king and when we build websites using Python, they are way faster!!! Good Read!!!

Faster, efficient and more customization - It makes sense why the biggest players online use Python!

If you want a modern, properly working and efficient website it has to be written in Python. This programming language gives developers an opportunity to achieve a lot of different goals without overcomplicating things. Python is a universal language which is used all over the world and each year more and more web-developers choosing this language.

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