Link building strategies to promote your website

Link building strategies to promote your website

Link building is a vital part of search engine optimization methodology and in the right method, it can be an advantageous tool for website promotion. Increasing link volume through buying external links is not link building. Link building is a set of strategies to get backlinks from trusted web resources. The weight of the link plays a big role. The better search engines treat a donor website that has your backlink on it, the more weight the link has and more benefit you gain from it. The ideal scenario would be if the other link builders didn't have their backlinks on the resource you are planning to get your backlink from. Let’s see how to get more external links using link building strategies.

What do sites for good backlinks look like?

There are millions of websites on the net but not all of them can give the results you desire. To choose right donor sites, you should take into account the following factors:

  • Traffic and audience. Determine a target audience of the site and if you can see positive dynamics of traffic generating, it simply means that the website is alive and interesting for the public.
  • The number of ads. You should avoid websites that are obviously monetized and have tons of advertisements on every page.
  • Topic relevance.Search engines trust more backlinks from websites with the same theme. So choose sites with a relevant topic.
  • Area. If you offer your services or products only to a specific area, the best backlinks will be from the local websites.
  • Trust rank. The more website is trusted by Google and other search engines, the more valuable this link is.
  • Comments and reposts. Audience interaction should be visible on the site in the form of likes, reposts or comments, Otherwise, it means that the site is a donor resource and you won't get a big flow of traffic on your website.

Traffic and audience on websiteThe number of ads on websiteTopic relevance on websiteArea of services offering on websiteTrust rank on websiteComments and reposts on website

3 link building strategies that will work for your business

Link building is a strategy that requires innovative approaches. You should think outside the box in order to make the most of it. We can highlight 3 efficient strategies that will help with your website advancement to the top ranks in search results.

Guest posts and outreach

Outreach is an attempt to build relationships that would satisfy you and a blogger or a website owner you outreach to, in order to post your article with a link to your site. As these resources are run by people. appeal to them by offering what they want, not to websites. You can contact them through email, social webs, comments, phone calls, and so on. Some bloggers and website owners can request money for links. So study carefully the blog you want to outreach to and think what you can offer to its owner if you want to get your backlink for free.

Crowd marketing

This strategy is in between SEO and marketing. It helps draw audience’s attention to a product, service, or company itself by posting positive reviews on forums, blogs, social webs, etc. Nonetheless, crowd marketing helps to increase traffic, brand identity and other important features for marketing as well as for SEO, oftentimes, it is not efficient for small businesses. Most small businesses are local firms and agencies that provide their services or products to a limited area. So this strategy won’t show its full potential.   


The simple strategy that allows to generate organic traffic to a new website. The most suitable platforms for this are online maps, local catalogs, company listings, etc. All these platforms provide you with an opportunity to place a link, phone number and other business information. We highly recommend using this strategy as it helps increase the calls and offers from your website.

Here, we share the list of catalogs that will be advantageous for your website promotion.

The bottom line

Link building is a time-consuming process indeed but it provides you with more valuable outcome in your website advancement. Although buying external links seems preferable, if you want to see results tomorrow, you will face some inconsistencies between links to your website and domains hosting these links. And it’s not a question of if, but when search engines detect this problem and lower your rank.

If you want to minimize situations that will harm your website rank, and feel that you need a hand in a professional website promotion, do not hesitate to contact our company, Direct Line Development. Our team of SEO experts will find a specialized solution to help bring your website to the top in search engines.    


Great article describing the right way to Link Build. It's extremely important to really do white hat SEO and not get penalized in the long run. Many companies end up taking shortcuts and end up paying for it in the long run. Rome was not built in one day, neither should you try to build you SEO in one day. Keep in mind this is a process and requires your constant attention.

A lot of times link building is underestimated, however, it is a very important part of SEO. This article not only helps to understand the importance of link building but it also explains what strategy is better for you based on your business needs.

Great tips on how to build links the right way. Great read!

Great primer on the importance of link building and how to do it. Simple but not easy!

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